Capital IQ

S&P Capital IQ is a web platform that provides up to date industry, sector and company data. Such data is used by faculty and students to improve their business understanding and learning in multiple classes.

User account provisioning

If you are a teacher, please provide the list of students names and emails to to initiate the account provisioning with CapitalIQ. We recommend to do this several days before t he start of the semester as the provisioning could take a few days. 

Late registrations

Students who register late to class MUST contact the teacher to request access to Capital IQ. The professor must email with the list of names and emails of new students in the class to initiate the  Capital IQ account provisioning. Please be advised that this process could take a few days.

How to download and Install Capital IQ Excel Plug-in      [video]

How to download and run Capital IQ Excel Templates      [video]


Credits: Jose Rolon, 2022