Rock Climbing Wall

Ready for a challenge, Blue Raiders? Come by Campus Rec to our 34-ft rock wall!
Shoes and harnesses are available for free. Email with any questions!  

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  • A waiver must be signed at the Equipment Desk to climb.
  • A Climbing Wall Supervisor must be present to climb on the wall.
  • Only Climbing Wall staff and those who are belay-certified through MTOP can belay climbers.
  • Use of personal equipment should be approved by Climbing Wall Supervisor.
  • Lead climbing and bouldering are allowed during specified times or with permission of the Climbing Wall Supervisor.
  • All accidents and equipment damage must be reported to the Outdoor Pursuits Program Supervisor immediately.
  • MTSU Campus Recreation reserves the right to suspend any individual for violating the above safety policies and rules, or for any conduct that is viewed as unsafe or inappropriate.


  • Learn to Belay Clinic

Policies and Procedures

  1. Participants must sign a waiver to climb, and if participants are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign for them.
  2. A climbing wall supervisor must be present before anyone can climb.
  3. Anyone belaying must be certified by MTOP staff and must recertify every semester.
  4. MTOP staff has the right to suspend a belay certification if they see unsafe belay techniques, and the individual will have to take another belay class before being allowed to belay again. Use of personal equipment such as harness and belay device must be approved by MTOP staff.
  5. Proper climbing procedures must always be followed, and Campus Recreation staff reserve the right to suspend any person for violating safety policies or for any conduct that is viewed unsafe or inappropriate.
  6. If there is a line to climb, participants are asked to limit climbs to two per person
  7. MTOP staff will only belay an individual up to four climbs if availability allows, but beyond that, individuals need to bring a belay certified climbing partner to belay.
  8. While the wall can be a place to hang out for a short period of time, as it is a small space, we ask that participants do not stay for over 30 minutes after climbing so that staff can continue to serve other guests.
  9. Belay classes are taught weekly during the semester and is highly encouraged for people to go to the class. Please bring someone to climb for you as a part of the belay test.
  10. Appropriate pants / shorts, shirt and shoes should be worn, have long hair in a ponytail, and remove jewelry before climbing.
  11. Photos and video are allowed but limit it to people you know and have permission from them to do so.

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