PK-12 Collaborative at MTSU

The PK-12 Collaborative at MTSU offers educators targeted professional development for teachers of English Learners (ELL Collaborative) and for School Counselors (SC Collaborative). We also have a Cross Collaborative initiative that combines the insights from both ELL and School Counselors. Plans for a fourth Collaborative for special education teachers (SPED Collaborative) are underway.  Using a three-point model connecting key stakeholders, the Collaborative Model engages 1) state professional organizations, 2) the Tennessee Department of Education, and 3) the resources of MTSU’s College of Education in the Center for Educational Media, CEM can offer authentic professional development on topics requested by educators through sessions led by Tennessee educators known for their excellent practices. The PK-12 Collaborative at MTSU is:

  • Comprised of practitioners in PK-12 schools in Tennessee
  • Participant-driven, with participants identifying session topics based on their needs
  • Collaborative, with participants serving as presenters to share strategies, materials, programs, technology that have been successful for them
  • Especially beneficial for districts with fewer resources and staff to support professional development
  • Promoting professional support networks and individual contacts across districts which is beneficial for districts with a small team of practitioners offering special services (i.e., ESL teachers, school counselors)
  • Offering multiple PD sessions throughout the school year to address topics and apply new learning immediately in the school settings
  • Available at no charge to the participants (other than providing your own lunch that day!)

ELL CollaborativeSchool Counselor CollaborativeCross CollaborativeSPED Collaborative

PK-12 Collaborative sessions are recorded by CEM and available to be viewed at a later date. See links above for information about each Collaborative. 

For more information, or to receive emails from the PK-12 Collaboratives, please contact