Fundamentals of Communication: COMM 2200

The Communication Studies Department offers COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication, which is a required course in MTSU’s general education core.

This course focuses on oral communication including speeches. Some topics covered in the course are:

  • Speaking ethically and honestly
  • Becoming a better listener
  • Analyzing your audience and choosing an appropriate topic for a speech
  • Researching (library, internet, interviews, etc.)
  • Organizing and outlining a speech
    • introduction
    • transitions
    • main points
    • supporting evidence, examples, statistics, facts, testimony
    • citing sources within the speech
    • visual aids
    • conclusion
  • Various speech types (informative, persuasive, ceremonial)
  • Improving delivery skills (verbal and nonverbal communication)

Typical assignments include:

  • brief impromptu speeches
  • self-introductory speech
  • informative speech
  • persuasive speech
  • tribute speech