Internships allow students to apply classroom learning to the workplace. The goal of an internship is to better prepare students for careers with professional experience, networking, and developing skills while discovering likes or dislikes for potential career paths. 



The goal is for us to find a mutually beneficial relationship for you and the intern to learn and grow from each other. Our Communication Studies students are learning some great skills that can be applied into the workplace, while helping you meet your business needs. 

Do you have internships available for an upcoming semester? Or do you want to discuss how to set up an internship at your organization? If so, please contact Dee Priddis at or  complete the Intern Request Form below:

Employers: Intern Request Form 


Students who secure an internship can register for COMM 4900 to earn three elective credits for an internship (120-hours) while gaining professional experience. See our Internship Handbook for additional information.

Requirements to Earn Internship Credit and Sign up for the Class:

  1. Have a 2.5 overall GPA and junior status
  2. Find an internship - opportunities are advertised throughout the semester on our social media pages, our newsletter, and through emails. Additional internships opporutnities can be found on the links below.
  3. Complete the Internship Agreement Form and submit to Dr. Priddis (
  4. Dr. Priddis will give you permission to register or COMM 4900, if the internship meets the requirements, and you work at least 120 hours over the course of the semester.  

Communication Studies Internship Opportunity

The Department of Communication Studies has a one-semester Outreach/Recruitment Internship position available. This is an unpaid internship; however, you can earn three hours of credit by taking COMM4900 course.  Please see the Job Description for more information and how to apply for an upcoming semester. 

Internship Scholarships Available

Competitive scholarships are available for students with unpaid internships. Scholarships must be applied for before the due dates in the prior semester:

 Additional Internship Opportunities

Additional available internships can be found on: