Organizational Communication Concentration

The major in Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication directs student attention toward experiencing and analyzing communication dynamics in the context of organizational life. Students will become organizational agents of change as they learn verbal, written, and listening skills, work in teams, understand organizational culture, and engage in organizational leadership and conflict management activities. Through these experiences, students will be prepared for careers in corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Courses such as Interviewing, Introduction to Organizational Communication, Communication in the Global Workplace, Instructional Communication for Human Resource Trainers, Communication in Nonprofit Organizations, Conflict in Communication, and Consulting and Auditing will equip Org Comm students to transition into a dynamic workforce or to pursue graduate studies.  Org Comm graduates are prepared to advise organizations with improvement to the many facets of human communication.

What We're Doing

Hands-On Learning for Training and Development

Students in COMM 3990 - Instructional Communication for HR Trainers, present their group’s final training project for a live audience. With Dr. DeAnne Priddis, students studying organizational communication examine communication training as a tool for human resource development in organizations.

Students present a training to a local business.

Dynamic Classroom Activities

Students practice interviewing for jobs with mock interviews with professionals. Their feedback helps students answer common interview questions effectively in actual job interviews.

Students participate in Mock Interviews to help with career success.


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