Counseling Services

Counseling Services Scope of Care: Short-Term Treatment Model

Students whose presenting issue fits a short-term treatment model of care may be offered in-house short-term counseling.  Brief counseling is often effective for common issues faced by university students and using this model allows the counseling center to serve a greater number of students with available staff resources.  Individual counseling sessions typically are 50-minute sessions and scheduled on a weekly basis.  On average, most student’s whose presenting concern fits a short-term treatment model are able to reach treatment goals in less than six sessions.  As demand for service increases during the semester, it may become necessary to refer a student off-campus for short-term counseling.  The counselor can assist the student with connecting to a community provider and will also provide other on-campus resources for additional options.

The goal of this service model is to assess students as soon as possible and connect them to the appropriate resources. This process will help reduce the level of risk for students who are manifesting moderate to acute levels of distress and need to connect with treatment resources as quickly as possible.

To schedule a screen appointment please call 615-898-2670.

Limits of Service

MTSU Counseling Services does not provide counseling services in the following circumstances:

  • Requesting documentation for an emotional support animal
  • For problems requiring long-term psychotherapy and long-term medication management
  • Psychological evaluation for ADHD or ongoing medication management for ADHD
  • To provide testimony or evidence in any legal matters or mandated legal problems
  • Any type of psychological evaluations or assessments
  • Family, marriage, or couples counseling
  • Request for Fitness for Duty

Missed/Cancelled Appointments and Disqualification Policy


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Counseling Services

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For after-hour emergencies call Mobile Crisis: 1-800-704-2651. Or go to the nearest emergency room.