Annual Giving

More than 7680 alumni and friends make gifts to MTSU every year. Annual gifts provide important support that help students, faculty, and alumni.

Priorities for 2024

  • Scholarships are a top priority as more than 80% of MTSU’s students qualify for financial aid.
  • Gifts to academic colleges and departments can support needed equipment, student research, special speakers, or other needs beyond the capacity of our state budget.
  • The Student Mental Health Fund helps the Counseling Services office serve more students in need of mental health help.
  • Support for the Alumni Enrichment Fund promoting networking for students with alumni as well as university outreach to alumni in many locations beyond the campus.
  • Student Emergency Funds - Emergency funding for students who encounter an unexpected financial crisis (like a car breakdown, loss of a rent-sharing roommate, or medical hardship) is crucial as well.  Support from alumni like us can literally make the difference in student coming to school or not and being able to stay in school or not. 
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Walnut Grove Society

Our leadership annual supporters of $1,000 or more exemplify the legacy of the Walnut Grove, our well-worn gathering place, and more importantly, our symbol of carrying education’s seeds forward to future students. Ever since the day in 1930 when Julius Bayer brought back and planted walnut seeds gathered at President George Washington’s home, the stately walnut trees in our Walnut Grove have stood for paying MTSU forward – seed by seed – graduate to student.

The Walnut Grove Society is rooted in the pride and generosity of friends who will help make sure MTSU offers the best it can to every student, year after year. Walnut Grove Society members support the university program of their choice with an annual gift or series of gifts totaling at least $1,000.00

Signal Society

Signal Society honors annual donors who have supported the university in 20 or more years. This group is named for Middle Tennessee Normal School’s first newspaper/magazine, The Signal, which was originally published in 1912. New Signal donors receive an engraved medallion reflecting their years of support.

Giving Days - TRUE BLUE GIVE

TRUE BLUE GIVE 2024 was February 13, 14, 15, 2024.

Over 775  MTSU alumni, faculty and staff, students and friends, from all over the country, came together to give over $780,000, well above our goal of $ $700,000, to support MTSU students by giving to scholarships, emergency funds, athletics, and academics.

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Senior Gift Tradition

Senior Gift is a long-standing tradition at MTSU. Gifts can be made to anything you love on campus. Since its start almost 20 years ago, over 12,030 new graduates have given more than $197,700! The main goal of the Senior Gift Tradition is participation. We encourage seniors to give $20.24 in honor of their class year, but a gift of ANY gift size is appreciated. Each year, upcoming graduates who give to the Senior Gift Challenge receive a double blue honor cord to wear on their graduation gown and are acknowledged at the commencement ceremony by MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee.

Visit or contact  Courtney Brown at 615-898-2502 to make your Senior Gift today.

Join us for Senior Celebration at the Phillips Bookstore in the Student Union Building. Stay tuned for more information on dates and times.

Faculty and Staff Giving:

As MTSU employees, you commit yourselves every day to making MT a more vital institution. At the same time, your financial contributions allow MTSU to continue its mission to be a comprehensive university that embraces its role as the destination of choice for Tennessee undergraduates.

Your gifts:

  • Have a huge impact on students through scholarship support, as about 94% of MTSU’s students have financial need.
  • Enrich your academic department and colleges for the purchases of needed equipment, student research, special speakers, or other needs beyond the capacity of our state budget.
  • Support the James E. Walker Library as a valued gathering place for students in an environment offering the latest print or digital resources to support academic achievement.

Whatever the reason and whatever the designation, faculty and staff gifts to the University speak volumes about MTSU as a place for philanthropic investment and show your pride in our institution. 

Making a gift provides an opportunity for University employees to help enhance the quality of the University's programs through their financial contributions. Employees can direct their gifts to the college, campus, or program of their choice through a payment option that works best for them, including payroll deduction. Employees can direct contributions to the area of their choice at the University.

Ways to give:

There are several convenient payment options—simply choose the one that is best for you. In addition to the typical ways to give through check or credit card, employees can set up a regular payroll deduction.

Payroll deduction —This is an easy, convenient way to spread your gift out over multiple, ongoing payments. Click on the link to go to our payroll deduction page and download a contribution form. 

Give online —You can make a credit card gift online anytime.

Check or credit card—Return the contribution form when you receive your faculty and staff fundraising appeal or any other annual fund appeal.

Gift planning —Learn how to earn income, pay fewer taxes, secure your retirement, enhance your net estate, create a personal legacy, or get more from your real estate.