Gifts to provide endowed support are permanent and impactful for the University. Endowment gifts may be made to build the main MTSU Foundation endowment, or may be used to create a permanently funded scholarship, professorship, lectureship, faculty chair, research fund, or program or department support fund.

A minimum gift totaling $25,000.00 is required to establish a new endowment. Endowments are managed by the MTSU Foundation Board Finance Committee. The Finance Committee uses a long term investment strategy which has historically generated average annual total return of 7 - 7.5%.   Four (4%) percent of the return (calculated on a 12-quarter trailing average of the value of the fund) is provided to support the designated purpose of each endowment, one (1%) percent is used for management fees and expenses, and the excess earnings are added to the principal of each fund in order to grow the endowment fund.

Donors often use endowment gifts to honor or memorialize loved ones, and the endowment can be named by the donor creating the endowed fund. An endowment agreement is created between the donor or donors and the MTSU Foundation which details the terms, purpose, and criteria of the endowed fund. Once you and the University (through the MTSU Foundation) have agreed on the distinct purpose of the fund, you can be confident that MTSU will follow your expressed wishes throughout the life of the endowment.