Types of Gifts

Annual Gifts

Annual Gifts are recurring, repeatable gifts that support the current operations of the University. Annual gifts may be made to any gift fund in a department, college, program, or to the University’s Annual Fund.

Endowment Gifts

Endowment Gifts to the main endowment of the MTSU Foundation or to individually created endowment funds are permanently invested by the MTSU Foundation. A portion of the investment return is provided each year for the endowment’s designated purpose, and the remaining earnings are added to the principal of the fund for growth.

Capital Gifts

Capital Gifts provide the construction costs for new or renovated buildings and facilities.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind are tangible items given to MTSU to provide needed equipment, materials, or supplies.

Stock Gifts

Stock Gifts may be used to fund annual gifts, endowments, or capital projects.

Planned or Deferred Gifts

Planned or Deferred Gifts are made through an individual or family estate. Planned gifts may be made through a will bequest, naming the MTSU Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account, making a future gift of real estate, or through charitable gift annuities or trusts.