Requesting an Evaluation

The Center offers low-cost evaluations on a first-come, first-served basis as our staffing and financial resources allow. We release a limited number of testing appointments each semester. There is a three-step process where information is securely shared with the Center in order to determine if a particular child meets our eligibility criteria for an evaluation. You must proceed through all three steps before an evaluation is formally scheduled. Please note that some parents/guardians will be offered a consultation for their child instead of a full evaluation at this center.

Before beginning the three-step process for an evaluation, please see Evaluation Criteria to see if your child meets our requirements. The three-step process is in place to confirm that a child meets criteria and to obtain additional information that may inform our evaluation plan.

Because of our limited availability to conduct student evaluations, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to pursue screening through the public school identification procedures.

Step 1: Contact the Center to request an evaluation appointment

A limited number of evaluation appointments are available each semester. In general, appointments are released prior to the beginning of the next MTSU semester.

Release date for fall 2024 evaluations: August 13, 2024

The procedures below outline what to do in order to secure an appointment.


  • Requests for an evaluation will only be accepted from the child's parent or legal guardian. On each release date, parents/guardians may contact the Center beginning at 8:00 a.m. Central Time to request one of the appointment spots. Calls received prior to 8:00 a.m. on the day of release will not receive consideration. Calls received at and after 8:00 a.m., including voicemails, are processed on a first come, first served basis. Voicemails, which are automatically time-stamped, will be processed and returned in the order they were received. Available appointments are claimed very quickly. 
Some Helpful Guidelines:
 Please do not call the Center before 8:00 a.m. CST.
 Please do not call the Center multiple times.
 Please call promptly at 8:00 a.m.
 Please do leave a voicemail.


  • Callers will be asked to provide basic information, including phone number and email.
  • If you receive an appointment, we will send you a confirmation email. You must reply to this email by 2:30 p.m. CST on the release date to move forward in this process.
  • Once we receive your email confirmation, you will be sent a survey about your child for you to complete. You will be given 24 hours to complete the survey. You must complete this survey in order to move forward.
  • The results of the survey will determine your child’s initial eligibility to proceed with an evaluation at the Center. As you complete the survey, you will be informed if your child may be eligible for an evaluation or is not eligible for an evaluation.
  • If it appears that your child may be eligible for an evaluation, we will contact you by email. You will be given an application packet to complete.
  • If your child is not eligible for an evaluation with the Center, please pursue an evaluation with your local school. The Center provides resources to guide parents/guardians through this process.

Step 2: Complete an application packet

Individuals who meet our initial eligibility criteria move on to this second step. Now, you will be asked to complete an application packet in order to provide additional information about your child. Please note there is an application fee for the processing of application materials.

The procedures below outline the specific procedures in this stage.


  • Receive an application packet via email from the Center. The application packet allows us to gather important information about your child, including developmental and educational history, which will inform Center staff about the need for evaluation. Parents/guardians will be required to submit a parent information form. Parents/guardians will provide teacher information forms to the school, along with a form requesting additional information from the school. This allows the Center to have accurate and up-to-date information about the child’s education, testing, and intervention performed at school. Parents/guardians should submit any prior testing performed with their child.
  • The complete application packet must be assembled by the parent/guardian and submitted to the Center within two weeks. Incomplete packets will not be processed. Application packets are submitted primarily through a HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant web platform. Parents/guardians who prefer to submit hard copies of application materials may drop off completed packets in person at our Center, located at: 200 N. Baird Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.  Please note: the Center will not accept applications through email or fax. Instructions for how to submit the packet will be provided once the application packet is complete. At that time, you will also receive a link to pay the application processing fee.
  • After we receive your complete application packet and the processing fee, we will review the information to determine if an evaluation is appropriate for your child.
  • We will contact you approximately two to four weeks after we receive your completed application packet and application processing fee to inform you of the results of the review, and if appropriate, to schedule your child's evaluation.
  • Parents/guardians of children who are not offered an evaluation at this stage will receive a consultation. A consultation includes a review of information from the parent and school, including previous test results. Parents/guardians will receive a report that includes instructional recommendations for their child. They are encouraged to share this report with the child's school.

Step 3: Schedule your appointments

If your child is selected for an evaluation, we will contact you with a link to pay the testing materials fee. Evaluation appointments are not confirmed or scheduled until the testing materials fee is received.

Once we receive the testing materials fee, we will contact you to schedule the following:

  • Your child’s testing appointment
  • Parent interview (occurs a few days before your child’s testing appointment)
  • Parent feedback session (occurs approximately four weeks after your child’s testing appointment)

For a complete overview of what to expect during each of these appointments, visit our Evaluation Day page.











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