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The Center for Dyslexia Research Laboratory seeks to expand the understanding of typical and atypical forms of reading development across the lifespan, and support the translation of this knowledge through the outreach and training efforts of the Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia at MTSU. Projects conducted through the laboratory combine interdisciplinary research methods in order to generate empirical evidence to inform and bolster the work of the Center, improve the learning outcomes of the individuals who are learning to read, and aid those striving to assist others in learning to read.

The Research Laboratory also serves as a training resource for MTSU students from multiple departments. These students learn from the Center's investigators and research affiliates through project driven experiences and regularly occurring team meetings. Graduate and undergraduate students gain experience in all steps of the research process from initial conceptualization of research questions and study design, to data collection/entry, data analysis, and presentation in professional presentations and publications. Students are able to take part and experience the integration of these research efforts into the Center's identification and intervention practices and witness and support the translation of research to practice. 

Group Picture of Some Lab Members

 This video highlights one of our EEG projects. It features some of our students who are supported by the Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity (URECA) program at MTSU.


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