Event Coordination

Instructions and guidelines to request space on MTSU campus

  1. Check 25Live for appropriate facility and/or available space, a login is not needed.
    1. Use this Quick Guide to find events in a specific space or
    2. This Quick Guide to find any available space for your event.
  2. Contact correct scheduler to get more information about booking information (see list below).

  3. For University Sponsored (Departmental) Events, log into 25Live (Quick Guide here) and submit an online room request OR complete the Application for Use of Facilities form.

    For Student Affairs Spaces  (SU, KUC, JUB, REC), please visit mtsu.edu/mtunions or Camp Rec and follow the instructions to Request Space there.

    External Clients must also complete a Full Contract by contacting the appropriate scheduler. A listing of rentable locations can be found within the Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling Policy and also within the Properties/Facilities Available for Use.

  4. All paperwork (forms, contracts, insurance information, etc.) must be approved, finalized and received by the scheduler ASAP or at least 5 business days (Mon.-Fri.) prior to the event or meeting. Larger events require paperwork to be submitted at least 20 business days prior, in order to secure venues and resources in a timely manner.

  5. See the event check list for additional services and User Fees to determine Space Fees. An estimate can be provided by the appropriate scheduler.

  6. Check the University Master Calendar for event information displays.
Space Scheduler Phone Fax Campus
Academic Spaces/Parking Lots & All Other Spaces for Events Event Coordination (615)898-5002 (615)494-8600 Box 130
Academic Courses Scheduling Center (615)898-5800 (615)494-8905 SSAC 240
Alumni Memorial Gym, Bouldin Tennis Center, Hayes Stadium, Smith Stadium/Clubhouse, Softball Stadium Murphy Center Complex (615)898-2752 (615)904-8101 Box 350
Foundation House Debbie Londre (615)904-8240 (615)494-8600 Box 130
Honors Building (Restricted Rooms)

Cynthia Phiffer
Sandra Campbell (course-related)


(615)904-8263 Box 267
MT Center (ING) Training Room Quintina Burton  (615)898-5143 (615)494-8600 Box 130 
Murphy Center Complex, Kennon Hall of Fame, Floyd Stadium/Tower Murphy Center Complex


Box 350

Miller Education Center (Miller Meeting Room and Atrium)

Quintina Burton (615)898-5143 (615)494-8600 Box 130
Recreation Center
and Fields
Andy Allgrim  (615)898-2104 (615)898-5569 Box 556
Student Unions (SU, KUC & JUB) Justin Reed
Jennifer Bryan 
Tiffany Fantine

(615)898-2873  Box 11
Tennessee Livestock Center John Jewell (615)898-5575 (615)898-5434 Box 105
Tennessee Miller Coliseum Travis Emore (615)494-8961 (615)494-8962 Box 107
Tom H. Jackson and Front Lawn Debbie Londre (615)904-8240 (615)494-8600 Box 130
Tucker Theatre John Underwood (615)904-8230 (615)898-5826 Box 43
Walnut Grove, SU Commons, Knoll and Quad Jennifer Bryan 
Tiffany Fantine
(615)898-2873 Box 11
Wright Music Hall Tim Musselman (615)898-2493 (615)898-5037 Box 47

All schedulers have the right to refuse facility space to any group.

Reasons include, but are not limited to: previous cancellations without notice, outstanding debt/non-payment or inappropriate use of facilities. Please check with facility schedulers for regulations and building hours.