Welcome to Experiential Learning at MTSU!


 DiplomaMTSU believes in the value of applied knowledge --merging classroom knowledge with real-world work environments.

Through EXL, students, staff, faculty and local businesses and organizations can find valuable ways to interact and encourage diversity and collaboration throughout MTSU and the community.

MTSU gives its students the unique opportunity of linking experiential learning to academic courses. MTSU offers a wide variety of ways students of all ages can gain and enjoy hands-on experience in the field of their choice.

Faculty are encouraged to find ways to create and participate in programs offering a rich and unique learning and teaching experience.

MTSU also partners with local and national businesses to provide a mutually beneficial exchange of experience and skilled and enthusiastic workers!

There are also many ways for staff to become involved in EXL!

Students learn best not by reading the Great Books in a closed room but by opening the doors and windows of experience. -- John Dewey

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