Opportunities for Organizations

Experiential Learning at MTSU is a prime opportunity for businesses to benefit from the energy and quality of students MTSU has to offer.

Find out if EXL at MTSU is right for your business:

1. Why should my organization or business get involved in EXL?
Organizations—nonprofit or business—that involve students who are seeking experiential-learning opportunities will allow these students to gain hands-on education, which is so valuable in today’s job market. In addition, these students will already be motivated to excel, and your organization will be the beneficiary of that young person’s energy and work ethic. This joint cooperation also will foster an active partnership with MTSU, which is one of the primary goals in the university’s Academic Master Plan.

2. What are some of the ways that organizations can be involved in the EXL program?

Non-profit organizations may have service-learning projects for students such as working with children on special projects at the Boys & Girls Club. Businesses may offer internships for students in a major that relates to their business such as management majors working in human resource management departments or chemistry majors working in manufacturing company laboratories. Companies may also consider offering employment through the MTSU cooperative education office.

3. How do I get involved?

Many faculty are already completing service-learning projects in their classes, and many academic departments already offer internships. The MTSU career services office currently offers work opportunities for students. Contact Carol Swayze at carol.swayze@mtsu.edu or exl@mtsu.edu. for assistance in locating the appropriate office for discussion of EXL opportunities.


  • Experiment with new positions without long term commitment
  • Gain fresh, new insights from interns
  • Recruit, train, and evaluate potential employees
  • Influence and strengthen ties with the college
  • Release professional staff from routine duties to pursue creative work
  • Derive satisfaction from sharing expertise