Opportunities for Faculty

 Participating in the EXL Program at MTSU can provide faculty with valuable opportunities to:

  • Keep abreast of changing needs in industry
  • Interact with professionals in the field
  • Become familiar with employers
  • Evaluate classroom instruction in relation to students’ preparation for employment
  • Explore new possibilities for working relationships
  • Explore new possibilities for public service



  • Faculty Application to Offer EXL Class [word] or [pdf]
  • EXL Instructor Grant Form [word] or [pdf] (The notice of RFP for faculty grants is available in early September for the current academic year.  The deadline for grant proposals each year is early October with approved grant proposals being awarded in early November.)
  • EXL Award Nomination Form [word] or [pdf]


Find out if EXL will work for you:

1. Why should faculty get involved in the EXL program?

EXL provides you with a great opportunity to incorporate hands-on learning in your classes. It also helps to provide students with EXL credits where faculty are already involved in service learning or experiential learning activities. EXL activities can attract grants for course development and garner awards for faculty who are willing to innovate.

2. Will my course automatically qualify as an EXL course if I require experiential activities?

Faculty must submit their courses for approval before they will be designated as EXL classes. 

3. Will I have to be approved as an EXL faculty?

Yes, faculty who teach EXL courses must agree to follow the EXL criteria approved for their classes.

4. Can someone assist me in developing an EXL course?

Yes, there are campus experts who can assist and hold training sessions for interested faculty. Some grants will also be available for interested faculty.

5. Can my department decide to create new EXL courses?

Yes, faculty can ask that current courses be counted as EXL courses, or they may develop new courses.

6. If my department wants to designate several courses in the major as EXL courses, is this acceptable?

Yes, students will likely be most interested in gaining hands-on experience in their majors, so this would probably be appreciated by students. This would help students gain the credits required for the EXL Scholar Designation upon graduation.

7. Do courses in my department maintain the department prefix?

Yes, the courses will be listed on the transcript using the current course prefix. A note will indicate that the course is also EXL. Some departments may elect to cross-list their course with EXL.

Faculty and administrative staff who have service learning, civic engagement, and/or leadership studies course ideas may complete a course proposal to offer a section of the 2000 or 3000 level EXL prefix classes.

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