Physical Education Association Information

S.H.A.P.E. Club

Students of Health and Physical Education

The MTSU SHAPE Club is the student professional organizational club of the MTSU HHP Department. Our origins date back to the 1940s and the "HHP Club,"; which makes us one of the oldest student organizations at Middle Tennessee State University.

Why Join the SHAPE Club?

  • Provides a good opportunity to get to know your classmates
  • Allows you to get to know your professors better
  • Professional opportunity to put on your resume, letters of recommendation
  • Travel to conferences and conventions funded by MTSU SHAPE Club
  • Perform community/civic/service learning projects
  • Contributes to your professional growth
  • Provides leadership opportunities
  • Provides social opportunities and networking with professionals
  • Just pure FUN and GOOD TIMES!!!

The time is now - do not waste a minute - join the SHAPE Club!

SHAPE Club Information

Annual Membership: August through May
Dues: $5.00 per year
Meetings: 3-4 per semester (possibly more)
Civic Activities: Tunnel of Love (Februrary)

SHAPE Club Membership Application Forms

For more information contact:
Amy Nance, Faculty Sponsor, MC 120, 898-2891,
Josh Smith, SHAPE Club President, MTSU Box 7812, 243-7888,
HHP Department, MC 111, 898-2811

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