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Community and Public Health Job Descriptions

Wellness Professional - develops a health program that provides a complete range of wellness services including health education and behavior change programs, 1:1 sessions, wellness seminars, fitness assessments, exercise programs, ergonomics, and much more.

Chronic Diseases Program Coordinator
Promotes policy, program, and research efforts to improve the health and well-being of communities.

Director for Health Promotion
Identifies priorities for health promotion outreach programs; directs planning and design theory-based efforts for health promotion programs; develops strategic plans, goals, and quantifiable objectives to measure health promotion outreach; develops and implements peer education initiatives; and directs the development and dissemination of marketing and health communications activities.

Field Director of Training and Education 
Trains and coordinates volunteers engaged in health education programs.

Substance Abuse/ Health Educator
Plans, coordinates, implements, and evaluates health promotion and wellness programs; develops comprehensive health promotion and wellness activities and takes a primary role in development and implementation of needs-based health promotion programs.

Community Health Educator
Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates district-wide comprehensive health education programs; provides technical and in-service training; conducts community health assessments; and performs related work as required.

Health Promotion Specialist
Plans, ensures implementation of, and evaluates policies and strategies to promote health within a specialist setting, relating to a specific issue, or within a particular population.

Patient Educator
Plans educational experiences for patients as a part of their care to help relieve anxiety and promote healing.

Public Health Educator
Uses a variety of skills derived from theories and principles of education, public health, and social psychology to assess, plan, organize, and implement health education services and programs at the state and local level.

Worksite Health Promotion Manager
Reduces workplace stress and injuries and improves the health and well-being of employees.

Clinical Health Educator
Coordinates diabetes, weight management, and other health classes.

Health Inspector
Conducts investigations of work environments to determine if safety and health requirements are being met.

Safety Director
Directs an organization's safety programs; develops, implements, and manages safety programs, procedures, and policies; maintains  safety/accident records.

Wellness Program Administrator
Assists in the administration of wellness programs and activities designed to improve employee health and well- being; recommends changes and/or additions to programs that reflect the needs of employees.

Preventive Medicine and Community Medicine Specialists
Preventive medicine (in the U.S.) and community medicine (in Canada) specialists manage programs in public or community health and conduct research to prevent and control disease; provide direct patient care; use scientific methods to identify health and safety hazards in the workplace and work to prevent occupational illness and injury, work to improve preventive and primary care services to under-served and high-risk population; assess and eliminate environmental health hazards.