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If you have any concerns or questions about animal care and use at MTSU or need to report an adverse event,  please do not hesitate to call (614) 898 2400 or (615) 494-8918 or email


You can report your concerns or compliance violations anonymously. 


Compliance Officer
Sam Ingram Building (ING) Room 010A

2269 Middle Tennessee Blvd, 
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Tel: 615-494-8918
Fax: 615-898-5028
Email: (for information)

  (for sending documents)



Reporting Adverse Events:


  • An adverse event is defined as any happening not consistent with routine expected outcomes that results in unexpected animal welfare issues (death, disease, or distress) or human health risks (zoonotic diseases or injuries). 
  • For emergency veterinary care, please contact Dr. John Haffner at 494-8848.
  • Complete and submit an adverse event form 
  • This form is to be submitted electronically to the Office of Compliance - - for review by the IACUC.   
  • The contact number for to report compliance violations is 615 898 2400 or 615 494 8918.