311  Class Attendance

Approved by President
Effective Date: June 5, 2017
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Responsible Office:  University Provost
Responsible Officer: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

I. Purpose

This policy informs Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU or University) students of expectations for attendance in enrolled courses, and the consequences and responsibilities should absences occur. This policy also sets out the responsibilities of course instructors concerning attendance requirements.

II. General

Class attendance is expected with specific requirements and/or expectations established by each course instructor and clearly stated in the course syllabus. The course instructor has the sole prerogative to excuse or refuse to excuse student absences except that students shall not be penalized for absences related to their participation in University sanctioned activities or in situations where the University's policy on inclement weather is applicable. See Policy 725 Inclement Weather. In all cases, the student has the responsibility to present excuses and make arrangements to make up any work missed. Non-attendance in class does not relieve a student of the responsibility for work covered or assigned in their absence.

III. Military Duty

The University considers participation in military duties as an excused absence. Notice of absence for service must be provided by the student/service member or an appropriate officer of the armed forces to the Director of the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center (Daniels Center) as soon as it is known that military orders are forthcoming for service. Absence for military duties for an extended period of time will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director. The Director, in consultation with the student and the student’s academic advisor, will make a determination about the approach that will best serve the academic and financial interests of the student. In instances where it is determined that the absence for military duty will likely preclude the ability of the student to be successful, the recommended grade to be issued is “W” (withdrawal). In cases when a student is called up toward the end of the semester, the Director will consult with the relevant faculty members to determine whether a grade of “I” (incomplete) might be appropriate.

Excessive absences of students who are veterans of the armed services, and who receive benefits by virtue of their service, should be reported to the Daniels Center by the students’ academic advisors.

Forms: none.

Revisions: none.

Last Reviewed: June 2017.

References: Policy 725 Inclement Weather.