161  Campus Commemoratives

Approved by President
Effective Date: June 5, 2017
Responsible Division:  Business and Finance
Responsible Office:  Campus Planning
Responsible Officer: Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning

I. Purpose

This policy provides a procedure for permitting individuals to commemorate a person or group with a significant connection to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU or University). Each request will be evaluated, and approved or denied, on a case-by-case basis. Placement must fit within the University’s master plan. A separate policy for the naming of buildings, facilities, and grounds is defined in Policy 160 Naming of Facilities and Building Plaques.

II. Definition

Commemorative. A memorial or recognition of any type that is installed on the physical exterior grounds or building interiors.

III. Procedure

A.  Requests should be made through a Dean, Provost, or Vice President’s office, or directly to the President’s Office. All requests will be first considered by the Provost and Vice Presidents who, after appropriate research and consultation with other University offices and staff, will make a recommendation to the President for review. Strong consideration will be given for any individual with a significant connection to the University, including students, alumni, donors, retired faculty and staff, or others with a significant connection.

B.  When a commemorative is proposed for the campus exterior grounds, the University has a strong preference for commemorative bricks or pavers, inscribed with the name of the honoree and his/her connection to the University, to be placed at the University’s discretion according to the University’s master plan. In the case of extraordinary accomplishment, such as a Nobel Laureate recipient associated with the University, a commemorative sign may be considered. Dedicated trees or landscape materials, stand alone in-ground plaques, or commemorative plaques on benches will not be considered.

C.  Campus Planning and Facilities Services will locate and design the exterior commemorative paver or sign, approve the final design, and to the extent possible, standardize the locations and designs.

D.  Memorial or recognition signage on the interior of buildings may also be processed through a Dean, Provost, or Vice President’s office, or directly to the President’s Office. Campus Planning will design and approve the material, size, and text of the signage.

E.  The donor or sponsor of the proposal will be responsible for all associated costs and fees for the design, production/construction, and installation of the commemorative.

F.  All commemoratives are property of the University.

G.  A commemorative may be relocated or removed at the University’s discretion for any reason. The University will take all reasonable care to maintain the condition of existing and new commemoratives for as long as the University deems appropriate, and to record the location of exterior commemoratives. However, the University cannot guarantee the preservation in perpetuity of any commemorative. 

H.  The burial of bodies or body parts on campus, including those of pets and other animals, is prohibited, as well as the spreading, disposal, or burial of ashes of cremated bodies.

Forms: none.

Revisions: none.

Last Reviewed: June 2024.

References: Policy 160 Naming of Facilities and Building Plaques.