970  Telephone Service

Approved by President
Effective Date: June 5, 2017
Responsible Division: Information Technology
Responsible Office:  Information Technology
Responsible Officer: 
Vice President for Information Technology

I. Purpose

Telephone service will be provided to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU or University) departments as outlined herein.

Telecommunications Services will be responsible for all matters relating to telephone service, will provide all liaison related thereto, and will coordinate the distribution of telephone expenses to budgetary accounts.

II. Departmental Requests for Service

Requests for telephone service must be emailed to telecom@mtsu.edu by the appropriate person responsible for the budget account against which charges will be made.

For new installations, moves/changes, and deletions, an email must be sent to telecom@mtsu.edu, with a detailed description of the work request. The email must include the following:

A.  Department index number to be charged;

B.  Date for work to be completed (must allow two [2] weeks from request date);

C.  Description of work to be performed; and

D.  Contact name and phone number.

All requests for telephone repair service should be made to Telecommunications.

III. Campus Operator Directory Service

In order to have the most up-to-date information reflected in the campus operator directory service, department heads should promptly notify Human Resources Services of any employee additions, terminations, or transfers.

IV. Staff Telephone Directory

The campus telephone directory is managed by the Information Technology Division (ITD) and is available for download in PDF format from the directory website. This directory is updated by ITD as changes occur. Changes should be emailed to campusdir@mtsu.edu for inclusion in the directory.

V. Student Requests

The Director of Housing is responsible for:

A.  approving requests for telephone equipment for all students;

B.  assisting students in uses of long distance cards for use in charging long-distance telephone calls;

C.  requesting replacement of damaged or broken telephones, cords, etc., and placing responsibility for damage to telephone equipment;

D.  initiating requests to Telecommunications Services to install or deactivate dormitory telephone service;

E.  initiating requests to Telecommunications Services for change in telephone number due to nuisance or obscene calls or for other justifiable reasons; and

F.  approving hall staff requests for change in apartment telephone service, such as change of location, type of set, etc. Such expense will be the responsibility of the hall staff member.

VI. Verification of Charges

A.  A detailed monthly listing of long distance calls will be uploaded to the campus imaging system for each department head to support charges to departmental budgets.

B.  Each department head is responsible for reviewing, in detail, the monthly listing of long distance calls and insuring that the charges incurred were for University business purposes only. Although they are sometimes necessary, personal calls should be discouraged. If personal calls are made, reimbursement by the employee must be made, prior to receipt of the next monthly listing, to the departmental account by payment to the Business Office cashier.

C.  Detection of unauthorized usage of long distance service must be reported immediately by the department head to Telecommunications Services.

VII. Other

Complaints, comments, inquiries, and suggestions concerning telephone service should be directed to Telecommunications Services.

Forms:  none.

Revisions: none.

Last Reviewed: May 2018.

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