Surplus Items/Campus Moves

For additional information about what services are offered by Receiving and Moving, visit their website:  Receiving and Moving Services


To surplus Office Furniture and General Supplies, please visit the Surplus Property Management  website or contact for assistance.  

To surplus or transfer an inventory item (one that has an MTSU capital asset tag #), please visit the Inventory Services website and contact for assistance. 

Please call 615-898-5940 for an appointment to view surplus items in the warehouse.

Warehouse Procedures for Storage of Departmental Property

  1. All equipment must be serviceable, operational, and in good working order
  2. A warehousing request form must be completed. A complete description is required for items to be stored. The request must be signed by the requistioner and the department head. A copy of this request can be obtained through the Department of Receiving and Moving Services.
  3. Equipment or items need to be boxed for storage.
  4. Reasonable care will be taken to insure the safe keeping of all items stored. Keep in mind that all items are subject to damage during moves in and out of the warehouse.
  5. Periodic review of all stored items will be performed by the warehouse staff.
  6. No flammable or explosive material may be stored.
  7. It is the intent that warehouse space be only used for storage of items for a short period of time. This excludes archiveable material. All archiveable material must not be stored any longer than the state requires.
  8. When a department determines the items are no longer needed, they must immediately notify the warehouse manager.
  9. After 12 months in storage the warehouse manager will notify the department. The department will then choose to be billed for another year of storage or have the property declared surplus.
  10. Warehousing has the right to refuse any items that in its opinion should not be put into storage.
  11. Warehouse space will be charged to the storing department at a cost of $5 per square foot per year. There will be a one-year minimum charge.

If you have any questions about warehousing or surplus property please contact Donathan Murray ( at 615-898-5940.

Campus Requirements for Moves

  1. Contact the Receiving and Moving Services Department two weeks prior to a campus move by calling 615-898-5940 or by email to 
  2. All computer equipment should be disconnected. All cords should be disconnected, rolled up, and placed in a box. The monitor may have a power cord that cannot be disconnected.
  3. All file cabinets, bookcases, desks, credenzas, etc. should be emptied. Receiving cannot move any of the above listed items if they are full.
  4. All books and similar items should be boxed securely. Meaning that a lid can be placed on the box or the box can be taped. Do not overload boxes. A box with items hanging out the top or the sides cannot be stacked.
  5. Label everything that is to be moved. Put the destination on the outside of furniture, computer equipment, boxes, anything that is to be moved. Everything must be labeled!!!!!!!!!
  6. Receiving is not able disassemble or reassemble furniture. Please make those arrangements with Facilities Services and have the furniture disassembled before we arrive to conduct the move.
  7. Receiving does not move copiers. Print management services or the copier company must as part of the maintenance contract perform the moving of the copier. Please check with contract vendor for your copier before scheduling a move.

Following the above requirements will help insure the campus move is performed smoothly, quickly, and successfully.

Hints for an Easier Move

  1. Close the office to pack and move.
  2. Receiving and Moving Services does not supply boxes. Boxes may be obtained at Printing Services or the University Bookstore. If neither of these  have boxes they may be purchased through an outside vendor.
  3. Be completely ready to move when we arrive. Please do not be packing while we are moving. 
  4. Remember, we move university equipment only. We do not move personal belongings. Be prepared to move your personal belongings.


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