Professional Development Opportunities

The Professional Selling concentration offers students a multitude of professional development opportunities through competitions, networking events, and mentorships.

Certified Business Relationship Builder:

The Micro-Certificate in Building Business Relationships is designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge to develop a robust and influential professional brand. By completing this program, students enhance their career prospects and networking abilities, making them more competitive in the job market. Graduates are encouraged to highlight this credential on their resumes and showcase it on their LinkedIn profiles to attract potential employers and professional connections.



  • The Pitch -  Every professional must answer the question, "What do you do?" The Pitch is an elevator pitch competition through which students prepare and present a personal pitch to highlight their skills and personality. All Jones College of Business students are eligible to compete. Jackson Financial sales professionals judge the students' pitches and offer feedback. The top five students are recognized. 
  • Enterprise Sales Competition - Top students from MKT 3840 Professional Selling classes are invited to compete in the Sales Lab for this roleplay event. Enterprise hiring managers serve as judges in this competition designed to help students increase business-to-business selling skills. The top five students are recognized and receive a cash prize.
  • State Farm Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Sales Competition - All MKT 3840 Professional Selling students compete in this B2C roleplay event held at the Miller Education Center (MEC). State Farm professionals judge the event. The top five students are recognized and receive a cash prize.
  • Novatech Competition - All MKT 4850 Advanced Selling students compete in the Sales Lab for this roleplay event judged by Novatech executives. The top three students are recognized.
  • Into the Tank - MKT 3950 Business-to-Business Marketing students compete as teams in this hands-on capstone event using a service from Change Healthcare. Students create a SWAT, two buyer personas, a territory analysis, and prepare a 30/60/90-day sales plan. The reports are presented to and judged by Change Healthcare. The top team will be recognized and receive a cash prize.
  • Personal Selling Event - All professional selling concentration students compete in this mock-interview event through which they have 10 minutes to "sell" themselves to a prospective employer. The event is held in the MEC with 14 corporate partners attending. Each student meets with a minimum of 6 companies.


Networking Events:

  • Morning Networking Event - Each semester, corporate partners are invited to help simulate a real-life environment in which students can learn how to prepare for a networking event, what to do during the event, and how to follow up after the event. All Jones College of Business students are invited to participate in the SunTrust room.
  • Lunch-n-Learns - Throughout the semester, corporate partners will host lunch-n-learns to answer student questions and inform them of different opportunities. Professional Selling concentration students are invited to participate in the SunTrust room.
  • Business Etiquette Dinner sponsored by Jackson - Each semester Jackson Financial sponsors a dinner during which students can learn best practices for a business dining setting. Through this event held in one of the university's ballrooms, students have the opportunity to interact with representatives from the Center for Professional Selling's corporate partners. The Business Etiquette Dinner is an IGNITE event and open to all Jones College of Business students.
  • Blue Raider Phone Blitz - Each semester the Center for Professional Selling teams with the Blue Raider Athletic Association (BRAA) to conduct a phone blitz to renew BRAA memberships. Corporate partners provide team leaders/coaches for the blitz as students have an oppotunity for experiential learning and relationship building.

Mentorship Program:

Each MKT 4850 Advanced Selling student is mentored by a sales professional from one of the Center's corporate partners. Throughout the semester, the student will job shadow the mentor and participate in two sales meetings or one-on-ones.                

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