TBC Assessment Committee and CTBC Fellows

Each year, the True Blue Core Center will collaborate with College Assessment Coordinators to appoint a True Blue Core Assessment Committee, members of which will receive extra compensation, to assess a randomized sample of anonymized student artifacts using MTSU-specific rubrics for the True Blue Core student learning outcomes.

CBTC Assessment Fellows 

Each year the True Blue Core Director and the True Blue Core Assessment Coordinator will select Center for the True Blue Core Fellows from among faculty who teach in the Core. CTBC Fellows will serve as outcome coordinators for that assessment cycle. For instance, during the assessment cycle for critical thinking, a faculty member who teaches in that category will be named the CTBC Fellow for Critical Thinking and assist the TBC Assessment Coordinator and faculty generally in each phase of the assessment. CTBC Fellows will be expected to learn the basics of general education assessment through attendance at American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU), National Institute of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), or IUIPUIā€™s Assessment Institute in Indianapolis. They will also serve on the assessment committee, providing leadership for the norming process and, in phase 4, assist in leading the early fall retreats focused on developing strategies for improvement. Fellows will serve for at least three semesters plus one summer to prepare for fall reporting (a full assessment cycle).

The True Blue Core Assessment Coordinator, in collaboration with the True Blue Core Director and the CTBC Assessment Fellows, will oversee collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the assessment findings. Important note: assessment results and reports will never purposely single out an individual faculty member or student.  

Director of the True Blue Core
Susan Myers-Shirk, Ph.D.
Professor of History

Implementation Coordinator
Dr. Christina Cobb
Associate Professor, University Studies

Administrative Coordinator
Abby Arnold

Graduate Assistant
Molly Walters

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  • Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)
  • Association for General & Liberal Studies (AGLS)

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