Submitting a New Course

Where to start

1. Start by thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the Core by clicking on these links:  Learn about the Core & What You'll Learn

2. Consult with your department chair and/or your TBC liaison.

3. Contact either the True Blue Core Director or the Chair of the True Blue Core Committee to discuss your options.

Issues to consider in consultation with colleagues and the Center for the True Blue Core:

  • What category and outcome aligns best with your course? Visit What You'll Learn to see how outcomes and categories align. Note: Discovery categories are currently closed to new courses.
  • Does the course include assignments that can be assessed using the TBC rubrics? For a downloadable version of the rubrics, click here: TBC Rubrics
  • Do you have sufficient full-time faculty members in your department who can teach this course?
  • Is this course offered at the 1000 or 2000 level? Currently the Core is open to lower division only.
  • Is the course appropriate for the Core? i.e., does not focus [too narrowly] on "those skills, techniques, and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession." SACSCOC, 9.3
  • We discourage "Core packing" and hiding major hours in the Core.
  • We encourage submission of courses that
    • are purpose built for the Core and that will benefit any student who takes the course, regardless of major.
    • contribute to breadth of knowledge.
    • support a coherent rationale for general education; See the True Blue Core mission statement.

4. Identify the correct workflow in MTSU's curriculum management software, Curriculog

  • Existing Course Form for TBC for courses currently in the MTSU catalog and not requiring a catalog change; routes through the departmental and college committee but does not require Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) approval.
  • Course Change Form for courses requiring catalog change (titles, course descriptions, course level--TBC courses must be at the 1000 or 2000 level--etc.); must route through and be approved by UCC.
  • New Course/Reactivation Form for courses that are new to the MTSU catalog or have been previously deactivated; must route through and be approved by UCC.

5. Review the True Blue Core Committee Course Approval Guidelines

6. Review the True Blue Core Required Syllabi Statements

7. Confirm the calendar for UCC and/or your college committee. Courses intended for the catalog in the upcoming academic year must be approved by the TBCC by January of the previous academic year, which means your course must reach the True Blue Core Committee-level by the end of the fall semester..

8. If you are new to Curriculog sign up for training: Email or call 615-904-8210 to reserve a training time.

9. Start drafting your proposal in Curriculog.

Director of the True Blue Core
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Associate Professor, University Studies

Administrative Coordinator
Abby Arnold

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