How to Recertify your TBC Course

Departments seeking re-certification for inclusion in the True Blue Core will submit a course re-certification approval application similar to the course approval form. The Center for the True Blue Core (CTBC) recommends that departments include assessment of their True Blue Core course or courses and their efficacy in teaching the content and methods of the discipline as part of their regular program assessment for their major. This data can then be submitted for True Blue Core recertification.  

The process for True Blue Core re-certification will be initiated by the Center for True Blue Core  and/or the True Blue Core Committee. The CTBC will notify departments when their course is eligible for recertification, which will be every six years, or after two assessment cycles have been completed. Re-certification is intended to ensure that courses continue to align with the eight general education student learning outcomes. If a course is no longer meeting the outcomes or addressing the category topic or if it is no longer being taught as it was proposed, then the department will be given the opportunity to revise or withdraw the course. 

To make sure you understand the Core and requirements for Core courses, please review the following pages before submitting a recertification application:

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