MTSUOnline Customs

MTSUONLINE Customs  is a New Student Online Orientation that will give you vital information about the University, online learning, and the many resources that you will use as an online student.

MTSU New Student Orientation, called CUSTOMS, must be successfully completed by all new and re-enrolling freshmen and transfer students before enrollment. As a new MTSU student majoring in one of the online degree programs, you have the option of completing MTSUONLINE CUSTOMS in lieu of CUSTOMS which is held on the MTSU campus during the months of June and July.

Please contact an advisor for the username and password.  Find their information here.

Once you complete MTSUONLINE CUSTOMS and submit the evaluation at the end of the orientation, the Scheduling Center will automatically clear you to register for classes. Please allow one business day after your completion of MTSUONLINE CUSTOMS.



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