Academic Quality Subcommittee

Committee Members

  • Mary Hoffschwelle, Chair (History)                                                                          
  • Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann, Vice Chair (Biology)
  • Scott Boyd (Theatre and Dance; Faculty Senate Representative)
  • Janis Brickey (Human Sciences)
  • Tom Brinthaupt (Psychology; Director of Faculty Development, LT&ITC)
  • David Gotcher (Associate Dean, University College)
  • Brandi Martin (Undergraduate Student)
  • Patti Miller (Campus Planning)
  • Bill Mooningham (Community Representative)
  • Sheila Otto (English; Director of General Education)
  • Amy Sayward (History; Interim Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies)
  • Kim Sokoya (Management and Marketing; Associate Dean, College of Business)        

Student-Centered Subcommittee

Committee Members

  • Bud Fischer, Chair (Dean, College of Basic and Applied Sciences)
  • Marva Lucas, Vice Chair (Chair, University Studies)
  • Stephen Bartos (Educational Leadership)
  • Jennifer Caputo (Health and Human Performance)
  • Cosette Collier (Recording Industry)
  • Amy Beth Hale (Community Representative)
  • Martha Hixon (English)
  • Hailey Horton (Graduate Student)
  • Eric Klumpe (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Paula Mansfield (Alumni Representative)
  • Kimberly Tolbert (Undergraduate Student)
  • Diane Turnham (Athletics)
  • Jason Vance (Library)
  • Vincent Windrow (Student Success)
  • Laurie Witherow (Associate Vice Provost, Admissions and Enrollment Services)      



Partnership Subcommittee

Committee Members

  • David Foote, Chair (Associate Dean, College of Business)
  • Steve Livingston, Vice Chair (Political Science)
  • Walter Boles (Engineering Technology)
  • Metrick Houser (Community Representative)
  • Bobbi Lussier (College of Education)
  • Kippy Todd (Development)
  • Jan Quarles (Media Arts)
  • Jack Ross (Senior Director, Marketing and Communications)
  • Rebecca Smith (Social Work; Chairs Council)
  • Ron Kates (English, Liberal Arts)
  • Rosemary Owens (Coordinator - Strategic University Partnerships)                            




Midpoint Highlights Publication:


2022-23 Implementation Overview