Strategic Direction 1

Promote engagement

MTSU prepares all of its students for success in the classroom and for a future of lifelong learning, professional development, and civic engagement. Our diverse academic community actively involves and integrates students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and partners in the life and activities of our campus (both in-person and online). Our strong, engaged academic community prepares our students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree programs and empowers them to pursue the careers of their choice and the jobs of the future. Our engaged academic community produces students and graduates who love learning, who commit themselves to ethical and responsible practices, who think critically, who communicate effectively, who adapt technology appropriately to learning, research, and problem solving, and who contribute meaningfully to and thrive in collaborative working environments.

Recording Industry students

To promote engagement that supports learning, scholarship, and student success, MTSU:

Successfully implemented and received national recognition for the Quest for Student Success 2013-2016

The 2013 Quest for Student Success set and met ambitious goals to improve student retention and graduation rates and transformed advising through the hiring of 47 additional academic advisors and the application of data analytics that allowed faculty greater flexibility to focus on career advising with students.

Launched the Quest for Student Success 2025

The Quest for Student Success 2025 refines the focus of the original Quest to shape a distinctive experience that supports engaged learning, builds self-confidence in learning, inspires lifelong learning and civic engagement, and rewards learning successes for all students. Built on the successful Quest for Student Success 2013-2016, Quest 2025’s strategic paths align with the 2015-2025 Academic Master Plan: The Reach to Distinction (AMP).

Achieved, and exceeded, the original goals of MTSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan, MT Engage

The original goals—as met and exceeded—of MTSU’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), MT Engage (MTE), focus on challenging students to use integrative thinking and reflection across multiple contexts and educational experiences. Students develop an ePortfolio that showcases the integration of the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained during their time at MTSU. MT Engage courses and Major Pathways, MT Engage Week, the MT Engage Scholarship, and graduation distinction integrate MTE into the fabric of the campus culture and ensure the program’s longevity in alignment with the AMP and the university’s academic mission.

Sharpened its focus on internationalizing programs and partnerships in alignment with the AMP

The University recognizes that our world is interconnected and prepares our students for global engagement through its signature faculty-led study abroad courses and overseas programs as well as international partnerships. One of the greatest strengths of our academic community is its diversity and inclusivity. Programs and activities on campus support and promote global awareness. MTSU welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of countries around the world and respects the dignity of every person on our campus. Involving students in language learning, research, and creative activity under the mentorship of faculty and international partners prepares our students to become global citizens.

Created, and currently creating, more interactive learning/living spaces across campus

To promote and support engagement on campus and with the community, the university engaged in a process resulting in the Campus Master Plan that involved administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, community partners, and the general public to create a vision to guide new construction on campus. The goal is to design buildings that promote the collaboration of students and faculty in research and creative activities and to create public spaces that invite engagement with the campus. This plan was developed and approved alongside the AMP to support MTSU’s academic mission to promote student success.

Fox DeVaughn, left, of Tupelo, Miss., a Master of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technologies student in Middle Tennessee State University's Department of Recording Industry, listens as fellow MFA student Nate Stoll of Portland, Oregon, checks the levels on a recording of student songwriters in the control room of the department's Studio E Friday night, Dec. 3. The students showcased their talents during the grand opening celebration for the university's new Main Street Studios, a nearly $2 million project that covers almost 5,000 square feet of recording space, control rooms and support space for the relocated Studios D and E. (MTSU photo by Andy Heidt)

New ‘Main Street Studios’ fine-tune MTSU recording industry’s ‘Grammy-winner factory’ reputation

MTSU unveils $40.1M integrated learning concrete, construction building

Facilitated collaborations between and among faculty, alumni, community, friends, and the business and non-profit sectors

The student experience at MTSU goes beyond what students learn, discover, and create on campus to include opportunities to engage in real-world problem solving with the support of alumni, community, business, and non-profit partners.

The MTSU Alumni Association has established MT Connect, a networking and mentoring platform for MTSU alumni, students, faculty and staff, and MT Talks speakers' bureau for alumni to speak to MTSU classes about where they are, how they got there, as well as speaking on currently working in the field.

The Division of Marketing and Communications has established a website promoting faculty as subject-matter experts who are available for media opportunities and speaking engagements. 

The Positive Aging Consortium was established to bring together MTSU faculty and community partners to focus on framing aging from a place of positivity rather than decline. Their inaugural conference was held in June 2022.

 The Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), a joint venture of the Jones College of Business and the Honors College, engages undergraduate and graduate students with faculty in research to advance knowledge of business and economics and to uncover the institutions and policies that promote human well-being. The PERI awards research fellowships every summer to support undergraduate and graduate research and hosted an international academic conference focusing on MTSU alumnus and Nobel laureate James M. Buchanan.

MTSU Forensic Science partners with state agencies to host refresher for 100 state drug recognition experts



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