Program Candidacy Information

All MTSU program majors and minors can be found in the catalog

College of Liberal Arts

  • Music & Dance: Audition required
  • Graphic Design: Portfolio review 5th semester
  • Global Studies: Study Abroad
  • Secondary Education minor: Admission to Teacher Education (EESE 1010 and 1011 not required) with majors in Art, English, Foreign Languages, Human Geography, History, Music, Political Science, and Theatre
  • Theatre: For guaranteed admission, must have C or better in all candidacy courses, 30 completed hours of coursework with minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

College of Education

All majors require Teacher Education Program candidacy and are not competitive.

  • 45 credit hours and a 2.75 Inclusive GPA
  • Satisfactory test scores (Core Academic Skills for Educators tests or ACT Composite 22/SAT 1080)
  • Passed minimum grades for EESE 2010 and 2011 (or transfer equivalent)
  • Cleared background check and judiciary review upon application review
  • 3 professional recommendations

College of Media and Entertainment

All majors and concentrations in the departments of Recording Industry (RIM) & Media Arts (formerly EMC) require candidacy

  • RIM: Competitive and is based upon a candidacy formula; Grade C or better is required in all pre-candidacy courses; a guaranteed candidacy score of 3.5 for Audio Production and 35.5 for Music Business & Commercial Songwriting. Additional students admitted if there is availability.
  • Media Arts: Not competitive (with the exception of Animation). Students must have a 2.67 or 3.0 or higher GPA and a C or B- (or better) in all pre-candidacy courses depending on the specific major. 
  • Animation: Students must have a 2.75 or higher pre-candidacy GPA, a C or better in all pre-candidacy courses, and a portfolio review; guaranteed candidacy score of 90.  Additional students admitted if there is availability.

Jones College of Business

All majors require candidacy and are not competitive. 

  • Pass required courses with a 2.25 GPA min.
  • BBA & BS Majors: Requires 2.25 Inclusive GPA
  • Business Education—Non-Teaching, Corporate Communication and Technology: Requires 2.0 Inclusive GPA
  • Business Minors: Must complete a coursework application form before taking any business courses

Pre-Professional Programs

Very competitive; conditions are program specific.

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

  • Athletic Training: Requires observations, interview, 2.5 GPA, and B- or better in required courses
  • Interior Design: 2.5 GPA and C or better in required courses
  • Nursing: Very competitive. 3.0 GPA, 75 score on all HESI exam areas, and B or better in required courses, C or better in general education courses. Informational sessions are every 1st Friday
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology: 2.0 GPA, pre-approved minor
  • Psychology: Must maintain 2.0 GPA
  • Social Work: Must maintain 2.0 GPA and submit application
  • Secondary Education Minor: Admission to Teacher Education (EESE 1010 and 1011 not required, only 2 recommendations required) with majors in Community & Public Health Education, Family & Consumer Studies/Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Textiles, Merchandising, and Design Apparel: 2.5 GPA, C or better in required courses

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

  • Aerospace: Capstone course or internship required
  • Aerospace Pilot: Must complete several certificate trainings and flight time
  • Aerospace, Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Must complete Private Pilot certification
  • MTeach Secondary Education minor : Admission to Teacher Education with majors in Math, Physics, and Science concentrations
  • Animal Science and Agricultural Education Certification, Secondary Education: Admission to Teacher Education requirements (EESE 1010 and 1011 not required)


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