Helpful Registration Information

Overview of advisement procedures during student registration. 

Assigned Registration Times

Students are assigned a PIN to register each semester. Continuing student PINs are automatically assigned, re-enrolling students PINs are automatically assigned after readmission in the nightly process, and new student PINs are assigned at CUSTOMS by the Scheduling Center or manually by their advisor. Students can see their assigned registration time on PipelineMT.

  • Assigning a PIN: The advisor can assign PINs manually for new students who do not attend CUSTOMS. To add a PIN, verify first on Banner that they’ve been admitted (screen SAADCRV). Then go to the screen SPAAPIN and enter the term, the PIN, and the process name “TREG.” Click save.

Registration Errors

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Registration Holds

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Session Types

  • Summer: Several sessions offered. Click here to review session options and other FAQ. 
  • Full: Course offered the complete academic term (fall or spring)
  • Accelerated: A1 and A2 8-week sessions offered during academic term (fall or spring)
  • Winter: Accelerated term offered between fall and spring, beginning Dec. 2020. Click here to review FAQ.

Course Location Codes

Several courses MTSU offers are not on our main campus. Click here to find the list of each code's campus location.

Course Attribute Types

Here are many of the section designations available within each course offerings. 

Course Type Course Description Restricted?
(EXL) Experiential Learning Experience-based coursework; demonstrates ability to apply theories and concepts to practical problems No
MT Engage High-impact, engagement pedagogy culminated into ePortfolio No
(H) University Honors  Designed to provide a deeper understanding of subjects and challenge students to produce a higher quality of work Yes 
(RLC) Raider Learning Community   Two smaller-sized courses paired to help freshmen connect and adapt to larger campus. Must register for both. Yes 
(K) Prescribed  Required for students admitted with low test scores. Must be taken first semester. Need permission to drop. Yes 
(SI) Supplemental Instruction  Peer-assisted, group study designed to support for more challenging courses. No
(D) Distance Learning  MTSU online course. Uses D2L. Can register normally. No
Remote Courses that may meet online on the days and times listed  No
Web-Assisted (WAST) Courses that meet partially on-campus and partially online No
Hybrid (HYBR) Distance learning course with limited number of assigned on-campus meetings No


Prescribed Courses

Students admitted with low test scores or low high school GPAs may have prescribed course requirements their first semester. Requirements are found on PipelineMT under the "Advisors" page, as well as in the CUSTOMS Argos reports. These course section types are indicated by the letter "K" on PipelineMT course search. Students must take all required prescribed courses their first semester and pass. Those failing a prescribed course must retake it the subsequent semester. They cannot drop a prescribed course without the approval of the University Studies Chair. Strict attendance policies are in place. Students needing more than one prescribed course will also have to enroll in a prescribed UNIV 1010K. Prescribed courses can carry elective credit or satisfy General Education requirements and are used to compute the overall GPA.

Student Registration

Students will register themselves using PipelineMT. They can search course schedules through “Look up Classes” or through Schedule Planner, both found on Pipeline's Registration and Student Records page. View a printable student registration overview or watch this registration video tutorial.  

  • Wait Lists: Select courses offer a waitlist feature for closed sections.  If waitlist seats are available on a closed course, the student will receive a closed class error message with the option to join the waitlist after attempting to register for it. If a seat opens, an email is sent to their MTMail, along with a deadline to add the class.  If the deadline passes, the seat is offered to the next person on the waitlist. For Fall and Spring, waitlists are closed the day before the purge and are then purged the day after the purge at noon.  For summer, waitlists are purged the Friday before the term begins.  These dates are listed on the Waitlist website.  Once the waitlists are closed, the student will still receive a Closed – 0 Waitlist error.  This is because the course had a waitlist, but that option is no longer valid.  
  • Pay/Confirm Classes: After students register, they are not confirmed in courses until they have paid and confirmed their planned attendance. Once tuition statements are available, students can log into PipelineMT to accept any financial aid offers and confirm. If they do not pay/confirm by a specified fee deadline, they will be “purged” from their classes. View deadlines.
  • Drop/Add/Late Registration: Students who want to register or add classes on PipelineMT after the term's deadline must get approval from the course professor(s) and chair(s). The form must be turned into One Stop by the student within two business days of the department signature or new signatures will be required. All signatures expire on Census, no matter what date the form was signed.  Forms signed before Census will need new signatures after Census. Deadlines for each part of term can be found in the Registration Guide. Drop/Add forms should be brought to the MT One Stop by the student to be processed.  
  • The Purge: If students do not pay by a specified date, they will be removed or “purged” from their registered classes, and will have to register again. Their seats will be opened up to other students or students on the waitlist. Deadlines to pay/confirm can be found on the tuition website.
  • Registration Support: Students can register by viewing class lists on PipelineMT and adding them to their schedule. However, there are additional resources if students need it.
    • Schedule Planner: Found in PipelineMT under "Registration Tools." Students will be taken to a page where they can add all preferred courses and then view all possible schedules from their choices. If a students finds a schedule on Schedule Planner, they must copy the CRNs into PipelineMT's “Add or Drop” page. This site does not register the students. Share this video tutorial with students, created by advisor Bonnie Mccarty. 
    • Summer Registration: If a student will be taking two classes in summer back-to-back, where the first class is a prerequisite for a later offered class, the student will email for registration assistance. 


New students will register for CUSTOMS orientation before registration. Go to our Advisor Handouts page for advisor-shared CUSTOMS related worksheets. 


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