Saturdays At Todd—Gale Stoner | Photography

Saturdays At Todd—Gale Stoner | Photography

Images: L to R: Gale Stoner behind the lens; Landscape, Lighthouse; Water, Mill; Landscape, Bridge

Introduction to Composition

This course is designed for beginning and intermediate-level photographers; even the experienced photographer may learn a tip or two. We will look at the fundamentals of the creative elements of photography. You will be introduced to principles and techniques that will create visual interest. The discussion of composition will include the Principle of Thirds, Power of Leading Lines, Symmetry, and Balance. In addition, we will discuss the principles of negative space, depth of field, and cropping for visual flow. By understanding the guidelines of composition, you will have a clearer understanding of what draws the viewer's eye to the subject.

Gale Stoner Bio

Gale Stoner began photographing landscapes in the mid-sixties while stationed in Duluth, MN. Gale, a self-taught photographer, has been highlighted in the international publication Photoshop User magazine and KelbyOne Insider Column, and his image of Old Faithful at sunrise was published in Outdoor Photographer magazine. One of Gale's images was selected for the cover of the 2019 Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce Visitors Bureau guide booklet. Gale has served as the 2018-2019 Photographer Laureate for the City of Murfreesboro Cultural Arts Department. In 2020, Gale was commissioned by the Chamber Visitor's Bureau to produce images for the Safely Travel Project. Gale enjoys sharing his skills in group and one-on-one fine art photography classes.

This Workshop is Free and Open to the Public. Registration is Required to Participate. The total number of participants will not exceed 30.

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Driving Directions: 1512 Military Memorial, Murfreesboro, TN 37132-0025.

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