Welcome to the Department of Biology

The Biology Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or Forensic Science and a Master of Science degree in Biology.  We also offer a minor in Biology. The faculty comprise a diverse array of expertise in the Biological Sciences.  Our faculty specialties range from ecosystems to molecular interactions. The departmental curriculum includes a diverse set of courses corresponding to these many areas of expertise.

Students in the Biology Department are engaged in much more than just attending classes.  Faculty prepare students for careers in Biology by mentoring students in their research labs.  In fact, much of the research in the department is performed by students.  Students also assist in the teaching mission of the department by working as peer tutors or graduate teaching assistants.  Students are invited to attend weekly seminars where they have the opportunity to interact with renowned biologists from across the country.  

The department is currently training over 1000 undergraduate Biology and Forensic Science majors and approximately 50 graduate students. Many of our undergraduate majors go on to pursue higher degrees.

Our department is engaged in numerous research and outreach programs.  We invite you to visit the departmental faculty web pages and explore our many activities. 

Thank you for your interest in the Biology Department at Middle Tennessee State University.