Message from the Chair

Welcome to MTSU and the Biology Department. We are delighted that you have an interest in the exciting field of Biology. Biology is an especially interesting field of study because research findings are constantly shedding new light on our understanding of how life works. In our department you will have many, diverse opportunities to learn about the wonders of the natural world. Biology faculty at MTSU represent a broad range of biological expertise. You are encouraged to take courses that interest you and to seek out faculty with expertise in areas of biology that you find fascinating. If you are interested in biological research, inquire about opportunities with specific faculty members who work on projects you find interesting. You can find out about the various interests of faculty members at our website. We encourage you to become involved in a variety of Departmental activities. We offer regular seminars and frequent presentations on topics of interest in Biology. We hope these will not only enhance your academic growth, but will assist you in setting career goals for your future as a biologist. Students who set goals, seek advice from faculty, and become involved in enrichment activities are more likely to excel.

All students are assigned an advisor when they declare a Biology major. Please consult with your advisor on a regular basis. Keep this Undergraduate Handbook as it has a good deal of useful information. In addition, the University Catalog is online and contains appropriate general education requirements and information on courses from other departments. 

Your success is important to us. We take pride in providing excellent educational experiences for our students. If you experience any problems or frustrations in your university journey, please do not hesitate to contact me ( The departmental office is always available to assist you, and I encourage you to stop by. Again, welcome and good luck!

Lynn Boyd, Ph.D.
Biology Department Chair