Departmental Safety Training

All personnel working in the Department of Biology in any capacity are required to take safety training. This includes faculty, administrative staff, laboratory staff, graduate students working as a GTA/GRA, undergraduate student workers, and any other student volunteers.

All trainings are completed within the SafeColleges training system and are assigned by the Department of Biology Designated Training Coordinator (DTC).

Currently the DTC for the Department is: April Weissmiller,

All personnel have 30 days to complete training once it is assigned. If you do not complete the assigned training within this timeframe, you will not be allowed to continue to work in the Department. SafeColleges will send out reminders every 2 weeks but you are encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible. Here is the website to access your training:

To enroll new students in your laboratory for SafeColleges training click here

Current mandatory training modules include:

  1. Crisis response and recovery
  2. Fire extinguisher safety
  3. Fire and explosion hazards
  4. Biosafety training
  5. Hazard communication: right to understand
  6. Safety data sheets
  7. Science lab safety
  8. Slips, trips, and falls
  9. Personal protective equipment, PPE
  10. Bloodborne pathogen exposure training (position specific)

If the research laboratory you work in involves research with human cell lines and/or animals, you are also required to take the Bloodborne pathogen exposure training (#10 above). You must contact the DTC prior to initiating research if you need to be assigned this course.

Note for research-active faculty: If you have new members join your laboratory, please email the DTC with the following information: Name, MTSU ID number, email, and start date.

If you have members leave your laboratory, please email the DTC with their name and end-date so that they can be removed from any additional trainings.

Ultimately you are responsible for ensuring personnel in your laboratory are fully trained to work in the Department of Biology. While SafeColleges will store all completed course certificates, you are encouraged to have your lab members provide you proof of course completion as well.

Note:  Depending on the type of research your laboratory conducts, not all mandatory training modules may apply to your lab members. If this is the case, you should contact the DTC with details on the position so that a tailored training program can be provided.