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Forms for New Applicants

Application to Graduate Studies

Admissions Materials

After submitting and paying for your application, your application will be processed by our graduation analysts.  Once this occurs, you will receive an email from the College of Graduate Studies with further admissions instructions.  You will receive your M Number and MTmail account in that email.  Once you receive that information, you can set up your PipelineMT account and submit your admissions materials to the Graduate Student Portal, linked below.

Admissions Forms

  • Graduate Student Portal
    • Submit all admissions materials here.  Please note that you cannot upload official transcripts or official test scores.  Those must be sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies from the issuing institution.  If your program has a specific recommendation form, please send that to your references so they can upload it for you.
  • Certificate of Immunization Form 
  • Request In-State Classification

Potential Funding Options 

For other funding opportunities, look through the Affording Graduate School website. 

  • Academic Common Market Agreement Form
    • The Academic Common Market (ACM) is a tuition savings program which allows residents of participating states to qualify for in-state tuition for unique academic majors not offered in their home state.  Students interested in applying for the ACM should review the information here.

  • Part-time/Full-time Application
    • The Part-time/Full-Time program allows students to receive an out-of-state fee waiver by working full-time (32 hours or more per week, off campus) and taking part-time classes (no more than 6 hours a semester) for at least two consecutive semesters. After completing two consecutive semesters of the Part-Time/Full-Time program, students are eligible for in-state classification. Please note that an approved in-state classification form and a valid Tennessee driver's license are required to receive full in-state status.

International Applicant Forms

Forms for Current Graduate Students

Advising & Course Adjustment Forms

  • Revision Form for Students 
    • Students sometimes need to file a Revision Form if they change their concentration, substitute courses, or switch from thesis to non-thesis options within their program.  Any changes that impact their Course Program of Study as depicted on DegreeWorks must be made by filing a Revision Form.  You should speak to your academic advisor before filling out the Revision Form.

    • Student athletes and students who are receiving benefits from military service should be aware that changing their course program of study could impact their benefits.  The College of Graduate Studies requests that they speak with Athletics or the Veteran’s Center to make sure they will not be negatively affected.

  • Request for Overload Form
    • Sometimes grad students need to register for more than 12 credits during a semester, such as when courses will not be available in future semesters, when they are scheduled to graduate, or when they are repeating a course.  Taking an overloaded semester is a serious decision that should be determined after careful conversation with your academic advisor, as it can potentially impact your academic performance.
  • Request to Repeat Course Form
    • If you need to retake a course in order to replace a previous grade, you will need to submit a Request to Repeat Course Form.  You are limited to two course repeats for the purpose of grade replacement.  While additional graduate courses beyond two may be repeated, the grade earned in the first attempt will be included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  • Prerequisite Verification Form
    • This form is used when a graduate student needs to increase their eligibility for a specific program by taking a course prerequisite. Please speak to your advisor before completing this form. 
  • Transfer Equivalency Form
    • If you want to use a graduate course you took at another institution toward fulfillment of your MTSU degree requirements, you must request this by using the Transfer Equivalency Form.  You are required to attach proof of equivalency such as course syllabi and catalog descriptions.  Normally, courses more than seven years old or courses that were used to satisfy requirements of another degree cannot be accepted for transfer.  No grades below a B can be transferred.  You should speak to your academic advisor before submitting the Transfer Equivalency Form.

Graduation Forms

  • Intent to Graduate 
    • All students are required to submit an Intent to Graduate Form during the first two weeks of the semester they plan to graduate. Submitting this form initiates the degree checkout process, including verification of the completion of degree requirements.  If the form is submitted after the deadline, the degree may still be conferred, but students may be unable to participate in commencement ceremonies or be published in the commencement program. 
    • If you are a doctoral student, you will be asked to list the faculty member who will hood you at commencement.  This is typically your committee chair.  While the College of Graduate Studies will independently verify that your hooder plans to participate in commencement, you should discuss this with your hooder prior to filling out the form.

  • Request to Withdraw Intent to Graduate
    • If you have filed an Intent to Graduate but later realize you will not actually be graduating, you must submit this form to alert the College of Graduate Studies.  Since Intents are due early in the semester, some students realize after filing their Intent that they will not meet the requirements for degree conferral.  If you have submitted an Intent, but do not actually graduate, you will not be able to register for classes again until you file this form.  Once you complete all requirements and are ready to graduate in a future semester, you will need to submit your Intent to Graduate again.

Thesis & Dissertation Forms

  • Advisory Committee Form
    • If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, you must submit an Advisory Committee Form to formally establish your committee and chair.  This should be done in the beginning stages of the writing process, before your proposal.  Please see the Thesis and Dissertation website for more information.
  • Change in Advisory Committee Form
    • If you have established an Advisory Committee for writing your thesis or dissertation, and you need to make changes to your committee members, you will need to submit this form. You may use this form to add or subtract members from your committee or to designate a different chair.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Approval Page
    • Once you have successfully completed your defense, this page can be completed electronically. You, the student, must begin the form, and it will pass through the committee members you list inside. Double check all emails before submitting to ensure there is not a problem with the routing process. If the committee members listed in this form are different from what you listed in your Advisory Committee form, please fill out the Change in Advisory Committee form above. 
  • Publishing Agreement
    • All students submitting a thesis or dissertation must also submit a Publishing Agreement, which grants MTSU the non-exclusive right to archive, preserve, and make accessible their publication.  You must file this form when you submit your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest, and it must be on file before your degree can be conferred.
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
    • Doctoral students must fill out this form, a part of the National Science Foundation (NSF), when they submit their dissertation via ProQuest.  The Survey will send a certificate of completion to the student as well as to the College of Graduate Studies.  The degree cannot be conferred until this form has been submitted. You may find additional information about the NSF here
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Graduate Assistant Forms

  • Graduate Assistant Application
    • Find information about becoming a graduate assistant here.
  • Employee Limitation Form
    • When a graduate assistant is hired, the student must initiate the Employee Limitation Form. This form acknowledges the responsibilities and limitations of employment hours.

Graduate Work for Undergraduate Students

  • Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Program Contract "ABM Program"
    • Students being admitted to an ABM program are required to fill out this form. The form outlines the policies related to ABM Programs and confirms the eligibility of the student for the program.  
  • Undergraduate Student Request to Take Graduate Coursework
    • If you are an MTSU undergraduate student who has taken at least 90 hours of undergraduate course credit and you want to take graduate courses, you must obtain permission from your undergraduate advisor, the graduate program offering the course(s) and the College of Graduate Studies.  International Students must also receive permission from International Affairs.  Any student who has previously earned a bachelor’s degree is ineligible.

Special Exception Forms

  • Time Limit Extension for Graduation Request
    • Per the graduate catalog, masters and specialist students have 6 years from the date of matriculation to complete degree requirements, and doctoral students have 10 years.  If you are unable to complete your degree requirements within that time frame, you must receive approval from your academic advisor, graduate program director and the College of Graduate Studies to extend your studies.  Exceptions to these time limits will only be granted for good cause when you, your academic advisor and your program director submit a proposed timeline for completion.
    • This form should be filled out by currently enrolled students only.  If you have not been consistently registered for classes, you will need to file a readmission application before consulting with your advisor to submit this form.
  • Request to Stop-Out
    • If you are unable to maintain continuous enrollment, you should request permission to interrupt your studies on a temporary basis.  This is referred to as a “stop-out.”  The form must be signed by your graduate program director and approved by the College of Graduate Studies prior to the beginning of the stop-out period. 
    • If approved, the period of the stop-out is not counted toward the time limit for degree completion, and readmission to the degree program is automatically granted if you are in good academic standing.  A stop-out may not be used more than once during the time limit for your degree.  If the stop-out exceeds one academic year, you may be required to reenter your studies under the current catalog year.

Student Records Forms

Student Travel Funding

  • Graduate Student Travel Funding
    • Students may receive funding for academic travel as funds allow. Students must have an approved travel application before traveling for funding to be applicable. 

Forms for Faculty & Staff

Distinguished Research Awards

Faculty Research and Creative Activities

Faculty Membership Forms

Curriculum Forms

Forms Concerning Students

  • Revision Form for Directors
  • Graduate Admission Requirement Waiver
    • Program Directors who wish to waive an admissions requirement for one of their applicants must submit this form to notify the College of Graduate Studies.  This will prompt graduation analysts to adjust the applicant’s checklist and route the application packet with the correct materials.
  • Dissertation Defense Announcement Request
    • When a student schedules their dissertation defense, their Chair (or departmental administrative assistant) should submit this form on their behalf to alert the College of Graduate Studies of the impending defense.  The College of Graduate Studies uses the information on this form to create a campus-wide email invitation and to write posts on social media in honor of the student.
  • Graduate Assistant Forms:
    • Graduate Assistant Performance Evaluation
      • The graduate assistant’s supervisor is expected to submit this form once per semester during the GA’s contract, no later than the 13th week of the semester.  Please see the calendar for the specific due dates.  The form routes to the GA, who is given the opportunity to write a comment in response to the summary, and then it is filed in the College of Graduate Studies. 
    • Summary of Graduate Assistants Form
      • This form is submitted by a program representative when a graduate assistant is hired and must be signed by the hiring authority.  It works in conjunction with the EPAF to verify the student’s assistantship and is approved by the College of Graduate Studies Accountant.
  • Graduation Requirement Notification Form
    • This form is submitted by a program representative when a score needs to be added to a student's DegreeWorks. This may include: qualifying exams, preliminary exams, comprehensive exams, submitting a portfolio, research article, internship, grant proposal collaboration, etc.  
  • Suspension Appeal Decision Form
    • Program Directors who wish to appeal the suspension decision for one of their students must submit this form no later than 4:30 pm on Thursday of the first week of classes each semester.  Students may not return to summer semester courses until the June semester. 

Faculty Information and Instruction



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