Grad School in 2023: Pets are Invited!

Pets support us, work beside us, crash our Zoom sessions, beg for treats during work calls, and are constant companions! Our graduate students have shared with us pictures of their study buddies during their time in grad school.

Are you and your pet ready to take the next step to graduate school in 2023? Start exploring our programs today to determine how you can create a new start, professionally and personally. We look forward to meeting you and your dog, cat, hamster, gerbil, horse, rabbit, lizard or parrot..

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 Dogs Are Proud

Lulu and Layla

Recent Graduate from International Affairs, M.A. 

Gershwin the Gerbil


Public History, M.A.

"Gershwin is around two years old. His adoption day is 2/16. I have had him since he was two months old. Having a pet in grad school really makes a difference with my stress level. He is by my side while I am reading for class or working on assignments. He has a bad habit of trying to eat my books. If I set a book down and walk away there will be bites out of it when I return. He also loves to steal the keyboard cover off my computer if I leave him alone for too long. He is my little buddy and I am so happy to have him."

Clifford the Dog


Special Education - Severely/Profoundly Disabled Students

"Clifford is my 6-month-old Golden Retriever. Wherever I go, he is always right by my side and has even made a few Zoom appearances. He loves digging holes in the backyard and filling them with items from around the house. If my TV remote goes missing, I know where to look! Clifford has certainly helped me to make the best out of this challenging year."

 Clemintine the Cat


Economics, Ph.D.

"Clementine is so sweet and loves to be around me when I'm working. However, she is also very routine-oriented and insists that I be with her while she eats; so without fail, I will be a couple hours into working when I will hear her screaming from the kitchen. It's a scream that you can't ignore, so it's like she's helping me get up and stretch but in a very jarring way. Also, she loves to sit in my office chair, so she sometimes tricks me into going into the kitchen so that she can run and sit in my chair before I can. Like sitting on my open laptop, she does so many things to irritate me and get my attention, but I find her adorable and hilarious. Clementine also has a brother (Thaddeus) who she looks down on with disdain."


Juno the Rabbit


Molecular Biosciences, Ph.D.

"Juno, my pet rabbit of three years, has been by my side throughout my first semester of graduate school. Starting school during a pandemic has been stressful, but she has been a great source of emotional support. She is always there to keep me company and put a smile on my face, jumping up on me whenever she wants attention and snoozing in her space beside my desk while I catch up on reading. Her crazy antics and ability to destroy any uncovered wire always keeps me on my toes. I am grateful to have a pet like Juno and look forward to many more semesters with her."

Ice the Cat


Aeronautical Science, Aviation Management Concentration, M.S. 

"Ice is all about competing lap time with my laptop as I try to complete my online assignments. Obviously my girl gets priority! She is a one year old girl that loves to play fetch! (She likes to pretend she’s a dog at times). She also loves lap-naps while I write papers about aviation pioneers, emerging trends in the industry, and research proposals. She has always been my side (mainly on my lap) through graduate school and keeps me motivated with her pawsitivity!" 

Peaches the Sun Conure


Professional Studies, Strategic Leadership Concentration, M.P.S.

"Peaches is a Sun Conure, who loves to perch on my shoulder and snuggle.  She likes to check out whatever I am doing, and even tries to “help” when she can!"


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