Institutional Biosafety Committee Forms

Research that involves recombinant DNA and/or biohazardous materials should be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The IBC is responsible for ensuring compliance with NIH Guidelines and assigns appropriate biosafety level determinations for research on campus.

All faculty performing research involving recombinant DNA and/or biohazardous materials should submit a MTSU IBC Initial Registration Form, which can be found below. If you are working with viral vectors, you should also include the Viral Vector document.

The IBC will send the faculty member a written notice of approval for their research, along with a termination date for the approval. Faculty must submit any changes or renewals annually using the change/renewal form below.

Please read the NIH Guidelines and Lentiviral Vector Containment Guidelines below for more information.

NIH Guidelines April 2019

Lentiviral Vector Containment Guidelines

MTSU IBC Initial Registration Document

MTSU IBC Research Involving Viral Vectors document

MTSU IBC Change or Renewal Form