Meet the COHRE Staff

Alexander T. Jackson, Ph.D. headshotAlexander T. Jackson, Ph.D.

Director & Consultant

Areas of Expertise
Training and Judgment, Decision Making

Dr. Jackson is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Alexander T. Jackson, Ph.D. He earned his Ph.D. from Kansas State University and joined the faculty at MTSU in 2016. He teaches courses in organizational psychology and psychological testing.

His applied experiences include developing, administering, and analyzing health attitudes survey for the City of Manhattan, Kansas. Additionally, he developed a proposal for a new Cyber Security Operations Center at The University of Tulsa, which involved developing the staffing plan, conducting job analyses for the proposed positions, and developing a strategic plan for the center. 

Dr. Jackson has two primary areas of interest: training and judgment/decision making. He has conducted research examining the effectiveness of novel training technologies, ethical decision making, goal orientation, decision biases (e.g., hindsight bias, escalation of commitment), advice taking, use of decision aids, and dark personality characteristics.  

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