CUSTOMS is the Middle Tennessee State University new student orientation program. CUSTOMS orientations are offered on different dates. Registration for these dates will be available online.

The CUSTOMS office is located in Keathley University Center room 326. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Our office phone number is 615-898-5533. Our staff welcomes your questions and comments.

We believe that an on campus and in person orientation is the most beneficial experience to our new students.  We also understand that there are many aspects to being a student at MTSU and getting so much information at one time can be overwhelming.  To allow students and families to digest information at their own pace, we are requiring the completion of our CUSTOMS Online program PRIOR to your on-campus experience.  

The CUSTOMS Online program allows you to complete the basic orientation and save or link to additional information on some of the topics most interesting to you.  The basic modules of CUSTOMS Online will take approximately one hour to complete, but the program allows you to leave and return at the point you left the program, if you need to leave the program.  There are many additional aspects of our campus, its services and resources to share with you.   This has been provided throughout CUSTOMS Online in links to departments and programs sharing specific information related to our new students.  This information is easy to access, by clicking on the CUSTOMS Globe on the webpage that you link to.  You are encouraged to explore these exciting and helpful areas of campus.  These resources that will enrich your college experience and we want you to take advantage of all of them! 

The on-campus CUSTOMS experiences allows you to spend a day with us on campus to learn your way around, meet other students and experience what it means to be TRUE BLUE.   By completing CUSTOMS Online before your CUSTOMS date, you will be well equipped to know what questions need to be asked and what items need to be taken care of while you on campus with us.  Academic advising and course registration will be completed during your CUSTOMS date.


The mission of the Middle Tennessee State University orientation program, CUSTOMS, is to facilitate the transition of new undergraduate students into the university; prepare new students for the institution's educational opportunities; and initiate the integration of new undergraduate students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution. The CUSTOMS program falls in line with the overall mission of the university to provide student support services that create a campus environment conducive to learning and personal development.

CUSTOMS orientations are led by student orientation assistants (SOAs) and include:

  • Passport Book Registering for classes early
  • Learning your way around campus
  • Touring residence halls
  • Meetings with academic advisors and assistance with course registration
  • A wealth of information on University life and student services
  • Meet other new students and SOAs

CUSTOMS Online will answer many of the questions and concerns facing new students and their families. Please use the links to find out more in-depth information and feel free to contact any department by phone or email listed on their website. 

For more information on CUSTOMS, please contact us. Our office is located in Keathley University Center room 326. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


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