Orientation for Family Members -  Freshman CUSTOMS

Sending your student off to college is a big step. It is an important time in a young person's life, a time to develop new friendships, goals, and viewpoints. CUSTOMS is an orientation program carefully designed to help make the journey into this new world informative and exciting.

We encourage freshman family members to be part of the student's CUSTOMS Online experience. We are excited to offer an on campus CUSTOMS experience.  We are asking students to bring only TWO GUESTS to campus for CUSTOMS.  Any additional guests will not be able to participate.  Please note that the CUSTOMS program is not designed for children under 12.  

Parents have the opportunity to join the MTSU Parent Association online also. The Parent and Family Association at MTSU provides support to families of current students by sharing helpful information, serving as a point of contact, and offering memorable experiences through events such as our annual Family Weekend.


As you begin to prepare to come to campus for CUSTOMS, we want to provide you with resources that will help to make this a positive experience. Learn more about why parents should attend orientation (CUSTOMS) and how to make the most of your orientation experience.


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