2024 - 2025 University Committees Service Form

Committee service provides a unique opportunity for faculty to participate in the role of shared governance in making a positive impact on the MTSU community.

Eligibility to serve on University Committees requires faculty to be tenured or tenure-track who have been employed full time by MTSU for at least two years prior to beginning service, with at least one of those year in a tenure-track position.

Policy 32 University Committees provides an overview of each committee listed below which can be accessed by clicking on the policies website.

Positions are filled on a first come, first served basis.

ALL POSITIONS MUST BE FILLED BY August 8, 2023 per extension.

Faculty Information

You may only serve on two University Committees at a time.

University Committees

The following nine committees give preference to faculty with experience, skills, and knowledge as related to the work of each committee.

Use the space below to identify specialized experiences, skills, and knowledge related to your selections above. Failure to comment will delay your request to serve on specialized committees.

Indicate all committees on which you are willing to serve. An overview of the following committees may be found on the policies website at https://www.mtsu.edu/policies/governance-and-compliance/032.php. Committees and Terms:

Other Committee Service Opportunities and Terms

The Faculty Senate is asked each year to solicit volunteers for the committees listed below which do not fall under Policy 32 University Committees. Any committees selected below will be in addition to the one or two University Committees you chose to serve under Faculty Information above. You should include any of the selections below when you prioritize your committee selections from above.

Prioritize Committee Selections


Upon submission, you will receive a copy of this form. Please keep your copy until you receive your official letter from the President’s Office confirming your appointment(s). Letters will be sent through campus mail the week faculty return for the fall semester. If you do not receive a copy of this form, contact facultysenate@mtsu.edu and a copy will be sent to you.

Thank you for you service!


If you have additional questions, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at 898-2582.