Faculty Fellows Program

The Academy of Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellow program is a teaching and professional development opportunity designed to work with your specific and unique needs. Although it is geared toward tenure-track faculty, the program is open to all faculty members regardless of rank or status.

Becoming a Faculty Fellow

The full program includes completion of the following criteria during the academic year:

  • Attendance of at least four LT&ITC workshops
  • Constructing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • Creating a formal Faculty Development Plan
  • Consulting with a faculty Teaching Mentor or the Center's Instructional Design Specialist, and
  • Writing a Reflection Document on one's teaching and professional development experiences during the program.

Participants are encouraged to adapt the program requirements to fit their own particular situation and circumstances.

Faculty who successfully complete the year-long program will receive the Center's Faculty Fellow designation for the coming year and are encouraged to participate as a consultant and resource for this year's participants in the program. Program participants from the past two years have found that it provides excellent professional development support and growth.

Because this is a academic year-long program, you must enroll in the program at the beginning of the Fall semester. There are between 15-20 slots available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions or wish to sign up please email Tom.Brinthaupt@mtsu.edu.

Former and Current Faculty Fellows



Ashlee Hover             Educational Leadership
Ben Stickle  Criminal Justice Administration
Chris Combest  School of Music
DeAnne Priddis  Communication Studies
Kimberly Page  University Studies
Lando Carter  Educational Leadership
Laura Buckner  Marketing
Lori Kissinger  Communication Studies
Odie Blackmon  Recording Industry
Teresa Schmidt  University Studies
Tiffany Wilson  Educational Leadership


 2016-2017 AY Faculty Fellows Designees



 Brian Slaboch  Engineering Technology
 Christine Eschenfelder  Journalism
 Geeta Maharaj  Nursing
 Jing Kong  Chemistry
 L'Oreal Stephens  Communication Studies
 Lucy Matthews  Marketing
 MA Higgs  University Studies
 Mark Jackson  English
 Misty Jones  Recording Industry
 Natonya Listach  Communication Studies
 Pamela McCluney  University Studies
 Stacey Browning  Nursing
 Katie Gruber  Communication Studies
 Vishwas Bedekar  Engineering Technology

2015-2016 Faculty Fellows



Kristin Naylor                                            Communication Studies
Echell Eady  University Studies
Ryan Korstange   University Studies
Heather Dillard  Educational  Leadership
Eric Oslund  Literacy Studies
Zhen Wang  Political Science
Lauren Rudd  Textiles, Merchandising, Design, Fashion Merchandising 
Kevin Krahenbuhl   Education
Gloria Green  Recording Industry
Catalina Palacios  Health and Human Performance 
Kate Pantelides  English 
Richard Tarpey  Management 




Alicja Lanfear                  Biology 
Cary Greenwood  Journalism 
Christina Cobb  University Studies 
Hanna Park   Journalism 
Jane Lim   Elementary Education 
Jeremy Sather   Foreign Languages 
Joan McRae   Foreign Languages 
Jon Frederick  Psychology 
Karen Reed  Curriculum Library 
Meg Brooker  Dance 
Sadie Harris   Health and Human Performance 
Shannon Harmon   Elementary Education 
Waleed Alanzi   Health and Human Performance 




Diane Edmonson Management & Marketing
Amy Sayward History
Terry Goodin Educational Leadership
Deana Raffo Management & Marketing
Dawn McCormack History
Lindsey Bier Speech & Theatre
Steve Decker Speech & Theatre
Debra Boyd Speech & Theatre
Claire Cook Human Sciences
Robert Lawrence English
Lee Gilroy Psychology
Jennifer Bannatta-Hall Music
Rebekah Heath Accounting
Sherri Stevens Nursing
Amanda Flagg Nursing



Mary Beth Asbury Speech & Theatre
Hyrum Carroll Computer Sciences
Jessica Kratzer Speech & Theatre
Jason Pettigrew Foreign Languages & Literatures