LT&ITC Staff

Dr. Jenn Caputo

Interim Director of Faculty Development

Jenn Caputo

Dr. Lando Carter

Interim Director of Teaching Excellence

Lando Carter

Dr. Carter is an associate professor in the College of Education. He began serving as LT&ITC Interim Director of Teaching Excellence in the Fall of 2022. Dr. Carter received his Ed.D. from MTSU in 2016 and has taught here since 2015. He has extensive interest and experience in fostering teacher creativity in the classroom. This includes co-authoring a book (Teaching Signature Thinking: Strategies for Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom) with Dr. Kevin Krahenbuhl.


John Hagan

Graduate Assistant

John devotes 20 hours to the Center every week. The GA duties include maintaining the website, developing online resources, and setting up workshops and events.