Additional Nursing Costs - Graduate Program and Post Master's Certificate

Information on current MTSU tuition and fees is available at MT One Stop

As a Nursing student, you will have additional costs for such things as exams, insurance, and learning support. Below are lists of incidentals for the graduate program (all costs are approximate).

Miscellaneous Costs All Concentrations

  • Background check - $78.75
  • Drug screen - $36.00
  • Document storage - $60.00
  • Malpractice insurance - $11.00/year *

Core Courses- Both Concentrations

  • NURS 6110: Advanced Health Assessment and Lab
    • $80.00 for a 4-month subscription to Medical Media Systems (streaming physical assessment videos)
  • NURS 6112: Advanced Pharmacology
    • $150.00 for Shadow Health (virtual learning platform)

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Concentration

  • NURS 6213: Family Healthcare Diagnosis and Management Intensive Clinical
    • $360.00 Certification review
    • $68.00 Standardized exam

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Concentration and Certificate

  • NURS 6313: Psychiatric Mental Health Diagnosis and Management Intensive Clinical
    • $51.00 Certification review application
    • $70.00 Standardized exam
  • Cengage Unlimited (all concentration courses) - $189.99

*All are one-time costs except malpractice insurance, which is per year.