Future B.S.N. Students

You're Invited!!

Dr. Jenny Sauls, Director of the MTSU School of Nursing, invites you to listen to an audio recording and view the informational slides from a recent "Nursing Preview Session" for high school students.  Please click on the audio bar below to listen to the recording, click the link here to view the slides.


Work Hard, Leave Prepared.

Nursing students sometimes find the leap from classroom learning to clinical practice daunting, but MTSU's program is very hands-on, preparing graduates who are ready to step into jobs. 

You'll spend approximately 200 hours in clinical simulation labs, which allows you to gain experience and confidence in a safe enviorment. Practiced skills can be as simple as opening and using a syringe or as complicated as inserting a catheter. 

Students can also log more than 500 hours providing care at community partners in Middle Tennessee. 

And that's in addition to challenging classwork. 

Yes, it's a lot. That's why we're selective about the students we admit to the School of Nursing. If you meet our standards for getting into the program, you can succeed and become one of our highly qualified, highly sought-after graduates. 

Are you up for it?

About the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing requires 72 hours of upper-division Nursing courses - the last five semesters of your undergraduate career. You must apply to the School of Nursing and be admitted to becoming a Nursing major and begin taking Nursing courses. 

Apply by Oct. 1 for Spring admission or by Feb. 15 for Fall admission. 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Grade C or better in all General Education courses
  • Grade B (3.0) or better in Biology 2010 - Anatomy and Physiology I, Biology 2020 - Anatomy and Physiology II, and Biology 2100 - Microbiology in Disease (may retake only one Biology course)
  • Minimum of 75 composite score, with a 75 minimum subscore on each of the following components of the HESI standardized entrance exam:
    • Mathematics
    •  Biology
    •  Chemistry
    •  Anatomy and Physiology

Apply to MTSU

Apply to the School of Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

For the most commonly asked questions about the undergraduate program admissions process, visit the undergraduate FAQs

Free Tutoring

To get into the School of Nursing, you need a B or better in Biology 2010 and 2020 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II. Free tutoring in both courses is available from the Office of Student Success. You can also attend Supplemental Instruction sessions in those courses to help cement your learning and improve your grade. Learn more at https://studentsuccess.mtsu.edu/. 

Nursing applicants must complete Math 1710 – College Algebra as part of their General Education requirements. This course ensures you have the math skills you’ll need for NURS 3042 – Basic Dosage Calculation. You can get free tutoring for the algebra course from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Learn more at https://www.mtsu.edu/math/students.php 

Nursing Admission Exam (HESI)

You will need to bring a picture ID, driver's license, or passport to your exam. You will need to take the Complete HESI Exam- all parts (except Physics). Students must score a 75 or higher on the following portions:  Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.  The composite (overall) score must also be at least 75.  Exam cost is $85.00, approximately 4 hours to complete the exam.  Learn more here

Attend a Nursing Information Session more information about our B.S.N. program.  You can learn what to expect, by viewing this previously recorded session

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