School of Nursing FAQs

Undergraduate Graduate


How do I select the right coursework?

The School of Nursing has a planned program of study to follow.  During freshman and transfer student CUSTOMS you will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist you with course selection

Do I have to follow the program of study outlined by the School of Nursing?

The sequencing of some pre-nursing courses may be adjusted to meet your needs.  Students may also choose to enroll in summer courses to adjust the program of study. Once you are admitted to upper division nursing, you must take courses in sequence.  

What can I do to improve my chances of admission?

Concentrate on prerequisite courses and achieve the best grade possible.   The higher your GPA, the better your chances of admission.

What if I do not get accepted into the Nursing program?

You can apply to the Nursing program twice.  If this is your first application, work with your advisor to strengthen your GPA.  If this is your second application, you should speak with your advisor. 

How do I change my major to nursing?

You must meet with your advisor about nursing before changing your major.  Also, you should attend a nursing information session. You can schedule a session or watch a previously recorded session via the CBHS Advising Center.

Where do I complete my clinicals?

We do the majority of clinicals in Murfreesboro and surrounding counties.  You may be required to travel 30 to 60 minutes for certain clinicals.

How hard is Nursing School?

Upper division nursing courses are much more intense than regular courses. You should plan to spend 30 to 40 hours per week preparing for class and clinical experiences. 

Where do I find information about the program?

The School of Nursing also offers monthly nursing information sessions. You can schedule a session or watch a previously recorded session via the CBHS Advising Center.

Can I transfer courses to MTSU?

Prerequisite courses may be eligible for transfer. After admission, your transcript is evaluated . You can check transfer equivaliencies  via the Transfer Equivalencies website. Click on “Continue to Search Equivalencies.”

Can I transfer from another Nursing program to MTSU?

The Nursing program does not accept transfer students from other programs.

Will statistics or high school algebra cover the college algebra requirement?

No, if you had statistics, you would still need to take MATH 1710 College Algebra.

Should I repeat the entrance exam for a higher score?

You may repeat the entrance exam if you choose. Please remember there is a time-out period of 14-days between each exams.

Could someone review my transcript before I apply?

Transcript evaluation occurs after you are admitted to the university.  You can check transfer equivaliencies  via the Transfer Equivalencies website. Click on “Continue to Search Equivalencies.”

I have questions about my financial aid.

You should contact MT One Stop about any financial aid questions.

When am I going to know if I’m accepted to the School of Nursing?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline, you should  receive notification of admission status via MTMail.

Once I am admitted to MTSU, am I accepted into the Nursing program?

No, Nursing has a separate admissions process with a higher academic standard than general university requirements.  Applications for the program are accepted twice per year.

Can I apply to the nursing program without a MTSU email address?

No, in order to apply to the nursing program, you must be admitted to the university.  Apply to MTSU.

Can I have a double major or minor?

Nursing is an intense program of study.  We do not recommend an additional major or minor.  Time management and scheduling of courses/clinical experiences make it challenging to complete other coursework.

How many students are accepted into the Nursing program?

The Nursing program accepts 64 students twice per year (fall / spring).

Do I need to take the COVID vaccine?

Yes, the COVID vaccine and several other health requirements are mandated by all clinical agencies.



Do I need a 3.0 GPA to be admitted?

YES. However, students MAY be conditionally admitted if their GPA is 2.9 to 2.99 and all other admission requirements are met.

Is this an online program?

The MSN program is classified as hybrid – meaning there MAY be some required on-campus activities during the program of study - but all courses are taught online.

What computer skills are required?

Students enrolled in online courses must possess basic computer and office application skills.

Can I work full-time and go to school full-time?

Many of our students continue to work while in the program.  However, the course work rigor and clinical hours required to complete the program make it difficult to work full-time.

Will I need to be on campus during the program?

You MAY be required to be on campus during the program.  Any on campus requirements will be communicated well in advance.

Do you require clinical experience as a Registered Nurse?

You may start graduate level courses right after you earn your BSN degree and hold a Tennessee RN license.

Do you admit student pending BSN completion?

You must have completed your BSN degree AND hold a Tennessee RN license prior to applying to the program.

When do you admit MSN students?

The graduate program admits students twice per year (fall/spring).

What does the program cost?

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) concentrations are each 42 credits and the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Post Masters Certificate is 20 credits. Tuition (cost per credit hour) for the academic year is determined in the summer prior to the beginning of the fall term and is available at Some courses have additional fees related to providing required course content.

Does MTSU accept transfer credits?

MTSU MAY accept up to 12 transfer credits for courses taken at another university. An evaluation of transcripts for transfer credit is done upon request by the student after admission.

Do I need a nursing license to apply?

YES. An earned BSN degree and Tennessee nursing license are required at the time the application is submitted.

Are courses offered in the summer?

Didactic courses are NOT offered in the summer. Clinical courses MAY be offered IF there are enough students enrolled to meet the minimum number required to offer the course.  

Do you accept out of state students?

Applicants to the MSN program are required to provide evidence of residency in the state of TN (i.e., a driver’s license) as well as a Tennessee nursing license.

Do I need to find my own preceptor?

YES. Students are asked to find preceptors for clinical experiences.  However, if unable to do so, upon request, the Clinical Coordinators will provide assistance.