MTSU Online Faculty Services

lightning mtsu mascot holding laptopMTSU Online is responsible for ensuring quality in online courses and programs. Here you will find support for faculty who develop and teach online courses, and information about developing online degree programs.

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Online and Teaching Resources 

MTSU Online has supported faculty in the development and design of online and hybrid courses for more than 20 years.  We have many online teaching resources to help you.      

Instructional Designers  

The MTSU Online instructional designers (IDs) are available for individual consultations, department and program faculty development sessions, and helping with D2L integration. We are student-focused and committed to promoting learning through authentic assessment, experiential learning, and creating engaging learning opportunities.  

To promote best practices in online education, we work with our distinguished faculty and other experts throughout the course development process to ensure student success.   

Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) Community

MTSU Online supports a cross-campus Online Faculty Mentoring (OFM) community that champions online teaching and learning. Focused on topics relating to online teaching and learning, participation is open to all faculty with groups facilitated by experienced online instructors. Learn more...

Instructional and Development Training  

Faculty new to teaching online and developing online courses are encouraged to complete training on the MTSU-supported learning management system, Desire2Learn (D2L), prior to course development.  The self-paced MTSU Online Instructor Certification (OIC) course is available through D2L Self-Registration.  Self-Registration means you can enroll in the course directly through D2L.

To enroll in the course, log in to D2L and click on the Discovery tab in the navbar.  Click the Course Offering Name link -- MTSU Online Certification.  The course will now appear on your D2L home page.

If you do not see the Self-Registration tab in your D2L home page navbar, search the ITD Service Portal for further help.

MTSU Online offers additional self-paced professional development through its Synchronous Instruction Standards Course (SISC).  This course is designed to provide faculty already teaching synchronous online courses with important resources and strategies to maximize success.  To enroll in the course, log in to D2L and click on the Self-Registration tab in the navbar.  Click the Course Offering Name link -- Synchronous Instruction Standards.  The course will appear on your D2L home page once you have enrolled in it.