Research administration system: Cayuse SP4.0

Cayuse Research SuiteThe Office of Research and Sponsored Programs uses the Cayuse Research Suite for processing and managing sponsored projects with the module Sponsored Projects 4.0. The Cayuse Research Suite also includes modules for IRB, IACUC and Conflict of Interest.

What is Cayuse?

Through Cayuse SP4.0, ORSP handles the entire lifecycle of sponsored projects from creation to close out through the web application.

Cayuse provides a centralized system with cloud storage for all project records with easy access for research administrators as well as for principal investigators, chairs, deans, and department coordinators. Cayuse SP also provides for the electronic routing and approval of sponsored program proposals and documents.

Getting Started

Cayuse can be accessed through PipelineMT in the Employee Resources section of the homepage or directly ( with your SSO login. Select the “Products” dropdown and click on “Sponsored Projects” to access Proposal or Award records. If any tasks have been assigned to you, they will appear on the Cayuse homepage.

Proposal Request Forms should be completed by the PI or PI's representative at least 30 days before the submission due date. They are the first step in the application process and are used as a basis for developing sponsored projects, i.e., grants, contracts, etc. Upon completion, a Proposal Request Form will be routed to a pre-award specialist for completion.

After a Proposal Request Form has been submitted, you will be contacted by ORSP staff within two (2) business days if you are not in previous communication about the project. 

Full Proposal Forms should be completed with ORSP staff in collaboration with the PI after the Proposal Request Form has been submitted. These forms are completed prior to submission to sponsor and routed for approval by chairs and deans seven (7) days prior to submission due date.

Cayuse Forms

Cayuse Research Suite (Web app)

IRB Portal (Web app)

To request access to the Cayuse system, please complete  Cayuse New User Request Form(Dynamic Form)

To request a new sponsor in the Cayuse system, please complete  Cayuse New Sponsor Request Form (Dynamic Form)


How to Create a Proposal Request Form in Cayuse (PDF)

How to Navigate Cayuse (PDF)

How to Perform a Search In Cayuse (PDF)

How to Access the COI Disclosure Form (PDF)

To request a tutorial or help with Cayuse, contact ORSP at